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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trending Tuesday: Pink

So Pink isn't exactly a super new trend. It's been trending for well over a year now but I thought it was worth mentioning because it is still going on strong! Pink was even well represented on the Fall 2014 runways going on right now. I also thought the timing was good considering it is almost Valentine's Day. The most popular shades tend to be the very pale blush pink and the peppy bubblegum shade but whatever hue looks best on you will work! One thing I've noticed about this trend that is different than a lot of trends is the fact that more seems to be better! Designers and "It Girls" alike are piling on the pink from head to toe! How about you?

Marc Jacobs via Soul Lovely Fashion

Are you into the pink trend?

Check out even more "pinksperation" on my Pinterest board "Pink on Pink"
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  1. My co-worker and I just yesterday were proclaiming our love for all the pink coats we've been seeing around-- love them!

  2. Wish I had my pick of these outfits!!! I've always loved the richer versions of pink, but loving blush too.

  3. I think my mom dressed me in to much pink when I was little cause it is probably one of my least favorite colors! I feel like an instant 3 yr old in pink! Lol! Some people can really rock it-like you!