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Where are you based? I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. 

Are you married? Yes, I've been married to my best friend in the whole world, Jason, for over 12 years! And no, we were not 12 when we got married! We were both 20. We just look really young!

Who takes your photos? I do! With a little help from a remote trigger.

What kind of camera/equipment do you use? I shoot with a Canon 60D. I have a photo studio in my basement with 2 external flashes with umbrellas and I use an external flash on top of my camera too.

What are your favorite places to shop? 

Goodwill Stores:
Morse Rd.
Sawmill Rd.
OSU Campus

Volunteers of America Thrift Stores:
Henderson Rd.
Indianola Ave.


Is this your full time job? Unfortunately not. But I do have a pretty cool day job. I am an Esthetician at Kenneth's Hair Salon and Day Spa (the Polaris location) which means I do facials, waxing, and make-up. I really enjoy helping women look more beautiful!

Do you only shop at thrift stores? While I do primarily shop at thrift stores, I love inexpensive stores like Target, Forever 21 and H&M and I love a great sale and clearance rack as well! For me it's not all about thrift shopping rather it's about being thrifty.

Do you have any pets? I am a huge animal lover! I have a black and white tuxedo cat named Harvey. He's such a little lover!

What do you like to do in your spare time? When I'm not blogging you can find me at the thrift store, taking walks with my husband, doing Zumba and step aerobics, going to baseball games (Go Yankees!), going out to dinner, going to church and bible study, and watching t.v.

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  2. L, I love your blog, your thrifting addiction, and most importantly, your NAME!! Okay, seriously though, I always enjoy your blog. :) -Lyndsay

  3. Lindsey! hi! oh i love the name of your cat! so cool.

  4. I just came across your blog, and I must say, I LOVE your haircut! And your style. I have made an internal commitment to be as thrifty as possible this year, and I have been looking at blogs for inspiration. I just wanted to say "Hi" and introduce myself - I'll definitely be back!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your commitment! I hope I can show you how easy and fun it can be!

  5. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the link up today to say hello! I'm so excited to read more. I am all about thrift shopping!! :-)

    Happy Monday!


  6. Hello! Take a look at my blog if you want! I write about thrift shopping every day. Unfortenately it's in Dutch, but maybe the pictures inspire you. Thank you for your incredible blog, I love it!


  7. What is your cat's name?

    1. It was Fudge but unfortunately he passed a few months ago. Now we have an adorable tuxedo kitten named Harvey. Guess I need to update my profile!

  8. We have a common interest!! Love what you're doing...keep up the great work!


  9. Hi Lindsey!

    I'm so glad I found your blog too. Great minds think alike with pastels, right ? :)

    I'm adding you to my Local Blogs page ASAP :)