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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds from this week:
 vintage Verducci leather and lace dress $15
I consider this to be one of my most amazing finds ever! It is in great condition! I can't believe it's vintage-it looks so modern! It fits my mannequin pretty well and she's a size 4- too big for me so I'll have to sell it!
Kasper tweed jacket $7
size 2P
 vintage dress $5
 size 8
Forever 21 jacket $5
size L
Monteau Blouse $4 from Volunteers of America
size S
 The Limited blouse $3 from Volunteers of America
 vintage cardigan sweater $2
size M
 vintage Saks 5th Ave sweater dress $1 Volunteers of America
love the pastels and the bows!
 vintage Grand Design blouse $2
size L
 vintage Leni Leni dress $4  Volunteers of America
size 6/8
 Target sweatshirt jacket $2
I got this to wear over my work uniform
LOFT sleeveless blouse $4
 vintage peplum skirt $3
This one sold at the Fall Flea
 Ralph Lauren denim skirt $3
I have the same one but this one is a size 8
 Lily Pulitzer polo shirt $3
size S
Xhileration lace dress $6
size M
 school uniform skirt was $4 but got for $2 from  Volunteers of America
Express skirt $3
size 6
 Old Navy $3
size S
Forever 21 blouse $4 from Volunteers of America
 t-shirt  $4
size S
Express Skirt $4 from Volunteers of America
Size M

Any Favorites?

As always, the items with sizes listed are going up for sale. I haven't had a chance to list anything on Ebay this week but hopefully I will get to it on Monday! So excited about this weekend! My brother is getting married Saturday to the most wonderful woman! I love, love! Then Sunday I'm styling a runway show for the salon I work for! Living the dream folks!
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  1. Love the vintage tweed dress... It's so "mad men"

  2. Love the express skirt, the plaid skirt, the leather and lace dress. I'd get that dress altered. It would look amazing on you!

  3. You got that sweater for $1??? I'm so jealous!

  4. Love the pink tweed jacket, and it's my size! I also really like the black and white Forever 21 jacket.

  5. That leather dress is soooo cool! Have a great weekend. Also, I am starting a new link-up next week "Too Cheap Tuesdays" on my blog I would love for you to link-up! pippa

    1. I will definitely check that out when I get a chance! Thanks!

  6. 8I love, love, love the express skirt at the bottom and I like the tweed jacket. :) just curious....would the medium skirt fit a 5'7 hourglass figured w/ an 8 sized waist and 10 size hips? Haha sorry it is just I love it but I am more conservative and hate skirts that are too "short"

  7. I noticed this in several of your Friday posts, it's actually XhilAration

    1. oh! silly me, thanks! spelling was never my thing!

  8. Oh man! Loving these finds! I'm OBSESSED with that first leather dress! How much will you be selling it for?!! Just discovered your blog and I'm in love! It's hard as a fashion blogger to keep up with having the latest outfits, so I've been looking more at thrifting to help keep costs down, so I'm SO very glad I found you!!


  9. Really like that vintage dress are you selling it?

    1. Hi Angela! Yes! It is for sale on my Ebay page Thanks for your interest!