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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thrift and Shout on the Runway

Hi Everyone! As I mentioned last week, I had a super busy weekend!
My brother got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful, super heartfelt celebration! I will post more on that another day!
Then on Sunday I had the privilege of styling a runway show for the amazing salon I work for; Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas. I was put up to the task of dressing 18 models according to the hair stylist's vision. The theme of the show was Then and Now. It was all about how to take retro looks from the 50's, 60's, and 70's and make them modern! I was really excited about this theme because making vintage modern is what I love to do! The sad part is that I already had a lot of the clothes in my collection but I did do some shopping as well! As always, I dressed all of the models head to toe in thrift store finds! Here are some scenes from the day:

me getting set up
my rack of clothes

  the models all wore these painters suits on stage until their hair was done
 some of the stylist's even had their own fan club!
 hair stylist Kate (left); Kenneth himself (center); and hairstylist Kristi (right)

 70's disco look

 models have a hard life!

 My friend and fellow Esthetician Amy doing a 60's makeup look
 the hair assistants hard at work!

 Another lovely model dressed in a sleek 50's look! Her hair wasn't finished buy the color is amazing- especially considering she came in with pink hair!

 This was my favorite cut of the day! I really want to get my hair cut like this! What do you think?

 me dressing a model
 my friend an fellow Esthetician Anita doing a classic 50's makeup look

 Model in a 60's look inspired by Mia Farrow
 Model on left in a 50's Hollywood glam look. Model on right in a look inspired by Sandy at the end of the movie Greese
 Model in a 60's Mary Quant inspired look

model on left in a look inspired by Rosie the Riveter; model on right in a classic 50's look
 model with scarf in a classic 50's pencil skirt look, center model in a sleek 50's look, and model on the far right in a 50's rockabilly look

 models from the left- modern Bridget Bardot, modern Marilyn Monroe, classic Marilyn Monroe, and classic Bridget Bardot

It was so much fun seeing the hair, the makeup, and the clothes some together to create these looks! I feel very lucky to get to work with such amazingly talented people! 

Which look is your favorite?
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  1. I love the Mia Farrow look! I also think your hair would look amazing like that. You did a great job1

  2. I love that haircut and think it would look great on you! Great job dressing everyone, it looks wonderful : )

  3. Great PICTURES. You did a great job with the outfits.