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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: Scarf Tutorial

Hi everyone! I had to laugh because I got such a big response yesterday to the way I wore my scarf and in reality I just kinda threw it together! Isn't that how the best things always start?

Here's how it's done:
I started with how I usually tie my scarves- Loop it around your neck with the ends hanging down the front evenly. Then tie the ends in a knot that rests against the loop that's around your neck. That's usually where I stop but this time I didn't want to cover up the dress so I had to do something with the ends. So I took the end on the right side and weaved it toward the left around the loops. Then take the left end to the right and do the same. This always takes me a couple of tries to get it to look perfect. so just mess with it- you'll get it! I especially love the way it looks when done with a scarf with fringe at the ends!

Target dress: thrifted $6
denim jacket: thrifted $3
belt: thrift $2
scarf: thrift $2
 brown bracelet: H&M $3
turquoise and burgundy bracelets: c/o World Market $0
Target shoes: thrifted $4
Total Cost: $20

You may notice that I did the same combo as yesterday. The old summer dress+jacket+scarf= fall fashion perfection equation! You'll have to forgive me my mom was a math teacher and passed her love to me! Told you it was my go-to!

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  1. Great thrifting finds! Love that dress :) My local Goodwill is a gold mine for name brands (sometimes still with tags!), so about half of my name brand clothes are from Goodwill. Why not save money and look good too, ya know?

  2. Thanks! I was looking at it in the last post trying to figure out what you had done.


  3. loving the scarf and dress together, such beautiful color combo! You loook radiant!

  4. Where did you get the bag?

    1. Volunteers of America thrift store on Henderson Rd. Columbus, Ohio

  5. The colors, the layers, the boots...what a great outfit and awesome thrifting!

  6. Wow! You are stunning and i love the scarf with the brown floral dress, adorable pairing.
    Dropping by from Shana's link up!
    Visit me@

  7. The color of the scarf totally make this outfit complete. Love the color on you!

  8. Love the way that you put your look together. That's one of the key things that I like about being a thrifty chic is that it develops an expert eye for putting a "look" together without being too match and creating your own "authentic style" that everyone should have. Love the way you made that scarf your own it really makes your look pop. And last but not least your hair color and makeup are amazing! :)

  9. Random; but your eyes, skin, and hair. OMG, you're a doll!

  10. I love the dress, it's perfect fall colors!

  11. This is a lovely outfit, and thanks for sharing how you did your scarf! I am clueless in that area!
    And your hair is gorgeous!

  12. I need to try this style out! I have so many scarves and I love a new way to wear them.

  13. Thanks Lyndsey for the scarf tutorial!

  14. I LOVE THE ENTIRE OUTFIT! I can't say enough how pretty you are. Don't change the red hair!! lol

  15. loving your blog, thrifting is my favorite thing to do!

  16. I have to admit I'm not always a fan of booties on you. You're so petite sometimes they seem cut off your pretty legs. BUT, I love this look. It's spot on perfect. The yellow of the scarf really makes everything pop and is a great color on you. And I love that bag too. I was looking to see where you got it (saw your earlier comment about it). I've been on hunt for a "new" brown purse. I WILL find it!

  17. Wow!! I can't believe everything you are wearing is thrifted. I NEED to move back to Ohio!! Thrifting prices are way better than here in Baltimore. However...I did find a Nanette Lepore silk & merino blend sweater at the Wise Penny thrift shop for $20. Now that's a steal!! So happy to meet another thrift store junkie. :)

  18. Oops! I forgot to say how pretty you look in this outfit. And that I adore your hair color.

  19. This is such a cute outfit! Love the colors in the dress!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  20. Love this outfit! It has to be one of my favs on you! Ax