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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: Complimentary Color Continuity

dress: thrifted $5
scarf: thrift $2
Abercrombie jacket: thrifted $4
vintage shoes: $4
vintage bag: $2
ring: antique store $18
Total Cost: $35

I struggled with styling this dress at first. I thought it was too boring on it's own or even with this tan jacket. So I decided to add a complimentary color with the scarf and shoes and that was just the thing it needed! When you introduce a new color into an outfit like this, it looks best to not just add the color once but twice to create continuity. 

Did you notice the leather accents on this jacket? That's why I had to have it! And also because it fit my petite frame really well- which is hard to find when you're little! I don't normally like Abercrombie but I do have a couple of their jackets and they fit so perfectly!

This is my go-to combo for fall right now. Summer dress+ jacket+scarf = perfect Fall look! Then later you can add the tights and boots! Try it!

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  1. Have always loved green and purple together. Need to know how you configured that scarf!

  2. Love this outfit! How did you tie your scarf?

  3. How did you tie your scarf? The heels are pretty but that bag is gorgeous. I love that it looks a little like a briefcase.

  4. I also would like to know how you tied the scarf. Nice dress and jacket!

  5. That jacket is a great fit and I love the leather details (glad you pointed it out). I feel like it provides structure to your outfit but is still casual.

  6. I love seeing your thrifted outfits - glad to know I'm not the only thrifter out there! HOW did you tie that scarf?? Please share!

  7. The first thing I noticed about that jacket was the pockets. Love those pockets.

  8. That purse is just absolutely gorgeous - what a find!