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Monday, October 7, 2013

Thrift and Shout at the Fall Flea

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Columbus Fall Flea yesterday! This was my first time selling at this event and it was definitely a success! The best part was getting to meet some of my readers! Thanks to those of you who came up and introduced yourself- that made my day! Here are some pictures of my little set up!

I still have lots of great items left that will be going up on Ebay as soon as I get the chance! It's going to be a busy week though! My brother is getting married this Saturday! Yay, so excited! Then on Sunday I'm styling a hair show for the salon I work at, Kenneth's. I will be dressing 18 models in my thrift store finds for a retro  themed runway show! Lots of stress but I'm doing what I love so I can't complain!
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  1. Sounds like you are busy! I wish I could have come. Looks like you were selling a lot of cool stuff!

  2. Oh how I would have loved to shop your section!
    Keeping it thrifty

  3. I would have loved to be there! Cant wait to see what you have left to put on ebay!

  4. OMG I missed this!!! I'd be checking your ebay for sure!

  5. I'm so glad you did well. It's so much work! People don't realize....

  6. I totally want to go! I had no idea. How do you organize the space? By item or sizes?

  7. Very Cool Lindsey! I agree that all the work that goes into things like this but if you are doing what you love its all worth it. pippa