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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Can $50 Buy at Volunteers of America Thrift Stores?

Today I am showing you what $50 can buy at Volunteers of America Thrift Stores! But First let me show you what $50 will buy you at a retail store.

You could have this jacket:

 OR you can have this jacket and all this:

vintage silk top: was $3.99 but got for $1.99

Forever 21 sheer floral top: $2.99

French Connection corset top: $1.99

Fleurish top/ dress: $5.99

One September cardigan: $4.99

burgundy lace top: $3.99

Ann Taylor Loft polka dot top: $3.99

Sophie and Me by Forever 21 robe: $4.99

Forever 21 bat wing sleeve sweater: $3.99

Mossimo for Target night shirt: $3.99

Nina gold metallic heels: $6.99

 I did this post today to encourage you to celebrate National Thrift Shopping Day this Friday August 17th by going thrift shopping! If this amazing haul doesn't convince you to go thrift shopping this Friday, I don't know what will! Many thrift stores including Volunteers of America will be offering discounts in honor of the holiday! And don't worry there is still a ton of great stuff left at all of the Volunteers of America stores- I didn't buy it all!

I got 12 items for $50! That's an average $4.16 per item!

Challenge for you:
1. shop your local Volunteers of America Thrift Store this Friday
2. see how many items you can get for $50
3. let me know if you beat me (13+ items)! I dare you to try!

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  1. wow-ALL great finds! I am never lucky!

  2. Such great finds!! I need to thrift more.


  3. always great stuff for the ladies!

  4. OH MY GOSH I have some serious thrift envy for that cardigan!

    I replied this same thing to your sweet comment but I always think I'm going to run into you when I'm thrifting in Columbus. Would you want to set up a "thrift date" sometime?! I would love it!


  5. I've tried so hard to thrift, but nothing ever fits me! BOO! I am however great at bargain shopping!

  6. Don't cha just love it!!!! I missed $2 Tuesday yesterday at Goodwill but will definitely be there next week.

  7. what a fun idea for a post! love that cardigan!

  8. This is why I LOVE thrifting!!!

  9. Ah thrifting, gotta love it. Very nice finds you have there. I'm not sure there's a Volunteers of America in my area. But I recently hosted a $20 Thrift Store Challenge on the blog. It was quite an adventure...tons of great stuff! I got ten things for $20, woo woo. Feel free to check it out:

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  10. Gosh, where would we be without thrifting? It makes me very sad to think I could have 1/2 items new for the same price as a whole load.

    I have a lot of loves here.. The French Cxn corset, the Fleurish dress, and the One September cardigan. I think that cardi would be so amazing in the Fall!

  11. I will have to go check out my local thrift stores this Friday!
    Penniless Socialite

  12. I love the robe and cardigan!! I haven't thrifted in awhile but this is getting me inspired!!


  13. i am in love with that one september cardigan! it's stunning. i can't wait to see how you outfit it.

  14. I love that snow days top!!! And that cardigan (one sept) EEEKKK! Amazing!

  15. The Anna top and golden shoes are divine... so thirties! I love it :D I would have taken on the challenge for sure, if I were living in the neighbourhood that is ;)

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