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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Volunteers of America Finds of the Week

Here are my latest finds from the Volunteers of America on Henderson Rd.:
 Amazing woman's leather motorcycle jacket size Small- for sale on Ebay, here! $26.99
 Men's Burberry dress shirt size M- also for sale on Ebay, here! $7.99
mint green Express top- $2.99
Target wiggle dress $1.99
Forever 21 tribal print top $4.99- also for sale on Ebay, here!

These are some great quality items! Even I was surprised at all of the name brand clothing I saw at the Henderson Rd. Volunteers of America! 
 Any Favorites?
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  1. i was just there last weekend! i swear one day we're going to run into each other :) jealous i didn't find that motorcycle jacket first! :)Ally @ Fever Thrift

    1. Oh my gosh the jacket is to die for! So gorgeously rocker-chic