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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cute Outfit of the Day: Full Skirt

 And with my new purse that I found at the Campus Goodwill yesterday!:
  top: Goodwill $3.99
skirt: Goodwill $3.99
bracelet: Goodwill $5.99
shoes: Goodwill $3.99
purse: Goodwill $2.99
Total Cost: $20.95

I love this skirt! It makes color blocking so easy! I paired it with a black top in the same material so #1 it would match and #2 it would look like a dress. I also love the fullness of this skirt! With the 50's trend going strong, full skirts are everywhere! I was super excited to find this purse yesterday. I love the basket weave, I love the tassel, and I love that it has the option to use the shoulder strap or the handles! It looks like a copy of a high end hand bag. 
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