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Monday, March 26, 2012

Thrift and Shout on the News: Prom

On the 4th Monday of every month, I have the privilege of showing off my thrift store finds on Columbus Ohio's local Fox 28 news! This morning I did a segment on Prom dresses from the thrift store! I am actually doing a prom event with Goodwill in a couple of weeks so I did this segment to let everyone know about it!

The Goodwill Prom Event
Saturday April 14th 11am-1pm
Whitehall Goodwill on East Broad St. in the 
Town and Country Shopping Center

There will be over 600 dresses for sale and they will all be priced at $25 or less!!!! And of course I will be there to help you pick out your perfect prom dress! Also, if you have any formal dresses that you are not using any more please donate them to your local Goodwill drop off center so we can sell them at the event!



Aren't these dresses gorgeous! These were all donated from Goodwill for the news segment and will all be for sale at the Goodwill Prom Event on April 14th! 

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  1. I always see newish prom dresses at the GW and it is perfect if you can get a teenage girl to shop at the Goodwill.

  2. Wow, that orange one is GORGEOUS! And so current!

  3. love your blue dress! foxy. and classy. (quoting Ryan Stryker here. hahaha)