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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrifty News Segment: Homecoming

Every 4th Monday I have the great pleasure of showing my thrift store finds on Columbus Ohio's Fox 28 at 8:30am. This months thrifty news segment was all about Homecoming! I brought three girls ages 12 and 14 along to model the Homecoming looks for less. 
 Here is the link if you want to see me on tv:
 my makeup trunk
 the room at Fox 28 wear we get ready
 accessorizing Danielle
 cousin Jamie helping her daughter Rachel into her heels
 the jewelry I brought
cousin Jamie helping with the hair
 only 4 minutes till air time! Ahh!
 me doing Danielle's makeup
 me doing Sarah's makeup
 the gorgeous Danielle in a $20 dress from Ohio Thrift
 The beautiful Sarah in a $7 dress from Volunteers of America and a $4 faux fur from Goodwill
The ravishing Rachel in a $5 dress and a $4 velvet jacket from Goodwill
and lastly me in my adult Homecoming outfit. The top, skirt, jacket and shoes were all $4 each from Goodwill. The skirt is a Zac Posen for Target that was missing it's lining so I just wore a black slip with it!
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  1. The link is not working for me, maybe this one will

  2. Oh, and, this is great! My favorite is your look (obviously).

  3. you look absolutely gorgeous~it's amazing to look so glam with such thrifty items. Danielle 's dress, sarah's faux fur coat and and Rachel's velvet jacket are beautiful too. I love the make up, the make up trunk is so cool


  4. Your ensemble kicks a$$ (am I allowed to say that on here? ;-) I adore the skirt.

  5. Lindsey darling the link is not working. You look so glamorous in your thrifted items. I love this segment of your blog. Danielle's dress is gorgeous on her. Sarah and Rachel are just too cute with their fur and velvet. Great job. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  6. Thanks for letting me know Dawn! I think I was able to fix it!