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Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Homecoming Dresses Galore

 In honor of my news segment on Columbus' Fox 28 today on Homecoming dresses I thought I'd show you all the dresses that I bought and didn't use for the segment.
It's been a busy month so the day I went out to search for the dresses I said a little prayer on my way to the Goodwill on High St. That I would find some great dresses quickly.Well, as always, God came through! I did not find one dress....I found 10! It was insane! It was like a dress shop went out of business and unloaded it's stock. All the dresses were current styles and in perfect condition! God is good that is all I have to say!

 this one has detachable straps
 this red one is a Nicole Miller

Any Favorites? Of course I tried them all on and the navy blue halter dress was just stunning on! I also just love the silhouette on the brownish dress. If you like these, just wait till you see the ones we used for the news segment today! I will post about that tomorrow!
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  1. I think you're a really talented blogger and you've got a great thing going on here. So pretty!
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  2. ha! God is good indeed, amazing finds. Some shop must have donated all these. My favorite is the fifth and last


  3. They are all beautiful & pretty cool. & the dress up is amazing.

    homecoming dresses

  4. I'm pretty sure the first is the dress my bridesmaids wore, just in a different color!