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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Volunteers of America Finds: A Perfect Fit

I paid a visit to my favorite thrift store, the Volunteers of America on Henderson Rd. last week and found some great clothes for fall/winter!
 I LOVE this skirt! Black and White houndstooth is a hot trend right now and with the subtle bright colors woven in it's perfection! And for only $.99 I consider this a major style steal!
 I thought this jacket was really unique. The tag was written in an Asian language so I guess it could be from another country. I just liked the colors with my hair! $4.99
 Ok, so I know this might remind you of your grandma's couch but just wait until I outfit it. It will look so cute and you all will be jealous! $1.99
I have purchased many suit jackets in the past but this Express jacket fits so good I think I'm going to get rid of all my others! It's really hard to find jackets that fit when you are the size of a 12 year old! I'm so excited about this. I love to wear suit jackets with a lot of different outfits! It is definitely a staple piece! $5.99

The items I purchased all fit really well! In the past I have been guilty of buying things that  fit "good enough" because I really liked the item. Then inevitably, I would bring the item home and end up never wearing because every time I put it on it didn't look right. So now I am trying to make sure everything I purchase fit perfectly. Because isn't it true that an ugly dress that fits well always looks better than a pretty dress that fits poorly?

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