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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: What to Wear on a Date

I wore this outfit the other night when I went out on a date with my husband, Jason. Hands down his favorite look on me is jeans and a nice top. I used to stress about what to wear for a date until Jason came up with this easy equation. And what goes better with jeans than a blazer?! Then the leopard print top turns up the heat! I was debating between my black velvet 6in pumps, and my nude slingbacks when my husband came in and said how about these aqua heels? He's a genius! The pop of color is just what this outfit needed!
jacket: Goodwill $3.49
top: Goodwill $3.49
jeans: Banana Republic via Goodwill $4.99
shoes: Unisa via Volunteers of America $8.99
Total Cost: $20.96

You may have noticed but I got my hair done this week (cut and color)! I am lucky enough to work at an awesome hair salon, Kenneth's, and I get my hair done for next to nothing! It's amazing! And so is my stylist Charis! She decided to give me all the way across bangs! I love em'!

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  1. Love the jeans and the shoes and the haircut looks really pretty :)

  2. love your new hair cut, so chic. The outfit is fabulous too, love the leopard print, the sash held the whole look together nicely. The dash of aqua is perfect. Have a happy weekend!


  3. wow, you look gorgeous! the shoes provide a lovely, unexpected pop of green. and your haircut -- perfection!

  4. What a wonderful post ! I love your hair + the animal printed top + satin bow = looooove :x

  5. I like this post.

  6. My you are gorgeous. I love your outfit and hair. Your face is beautiful. Nice to meet you and follow along with you. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes p.s. found you at BikBik and Roro...have a great day!

  7. Love the hair! I may need to check out your stylist because the one I went to didn't seem to know what 'inverted bob' meant....I ended up with a regualar bob.