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Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 of a Super Busy but Exciting Week

I have so much going on this week! This morning I am at the Volunteers of America on Indianola Ave. pulling outfits and getting ready for Wednesday's big National Thrift Shopping Event. All you guy who are in Columbus, Ohio are going to be there right?! Even if you aren't in Columbus you should visit your local Volunteers of America or another thrift store on Wednesday. It is National Thrift Shopping Day!nat

Here is the add they are using to promote the event. I can't believe it has my face on it! I feel like a celebrity!

Also, this morning Natalie Taylor from Fox 28 news will be coming to tape a news segment with me! I'm going to help her pick out an outfit to wear on the news and two additional outfits for the other newscasters. The three of them will wear them on the news as they promote National Thrift Shopping Day! I am so excited- a little nervous, but excited! I just hope I find the perfect pieces for each of them!

 Then I also have my monthly news segment next Monday. I am doing a Fall 2011 preview fashion show! All the items are going to be from the thrift store! I have to finish getting the outfits together!

I wanted to show you what I got for my Birthday! I know I'm a week late but it's been a busy week!
 A steamer! I know this may not sound exciting to you but I've been wanting one for so long. I have so many clothing items that are impossible to iron. This will make my life so much better!
 I even steamed the sheet I use as my background for my blog photos

Ahh, the sheet is so wrinkle free you can barely tell it's there! I love it!
my husband Jason also got me a second rechargeable battery for my point and shoot camera. The battery is always dying fo it will be so nice to have a backup!
My friend Loretta got me these amazing shoes from the thrift store! I'm probably about the only person who doesn't care if you buy all my gifts from the thrift store!
Aren't they great!
 This gift was from my mom who still thinks I'm 12
A Hello Kitty watch. I think I could rock it though! It is pretty cute!
 My best friend Kelly got me some super cute jewelry!

Have a great week and don't forget to get your thrift on this Wednesday!
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  1. the yellow dress is magical!!!

  2. Great items and I need a steamer too! Thrift stores gifts are fabulous!!!