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Friday, August 12, 2011

OhioThrift Finds of the Week: I saved $757.95

 I paid a visit to the Ohio Thrift store on Cleveland Ave. yesterday and struck gold!
brand new Laila Azhar silk blouse $6.99! This is a designer blouse that retailed for $235! Can you believe that?  This was hard to photograph because it didn't fit my mannequin- I did my best!
 Then I found this Express necklace for only $6.99. I think it sold at Express for around $25!
 This dress is also a Laila Azhar. I found it selling for $416! Many celebrities such as Vanessa Minillo and Taylor Swift wear this designer's clothes! Ohio Thrift must have gotten a huge shipment from somewhere because they had a whole section of designer clothes! I got it for $9.99!
 This picture doesn't do this dress justice! It is such an adorable cream lace dress! It was $12.99 which is a little expensive to me but then I saw that it is from Zara and it still had the tags on it. It was originally selling for $59.90. I can't wait to wrap a rustic brown belt around the waist!
 This elegant black lace dress is made by a designer Miguelina. I found it selling on for $69! I got it for only $9.99! 

So altogether I got $804.90 worth of clothing for only $46.95 for a total savings of $757.95! I thin this has to be a new record! I can hardly believe it!

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  1. Wow, great job! I just ran to Ohio Thrift--nothing! Oh, well.

  2. WHOOOOAAA I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! YOu did soo good. I can't wait to see that black lace dress on you - that's a winner.

    Thrifting Trends/Thrifting Runway/Thrift Style

  3. Wow those are all amazing finds! Congrats!

  4. well done! I love them you're so good at picking out the best stuff! I would have bought them too!


  5. I love that you see what things really sell for! I do that too. It feels so good to say "Yes, these pants would have originally been $200, but I got them for $2!"

    This stuff is all adorable. Great finds!
    Lindsey Soup

  6. Lucky you, wow amazing finds!! You sure did strike gold xx

  7. GREAT job!!!!! Fabulous finds!

  8. think that lace dress with flats and a belt would be overly dressy for my bday??? ;)

  9. I'm seriously impressed by the awesome finds you have, there! I wish I had that kind of amazingness when I thrift!

  10. The lace dresses are amazing! Great buys!


  11. LOVE the white lace dress. With a brown belt and cowboy boots it would look amazing!