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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Progress on the Closet Remodel

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on our progress with the closet remodel. After a trip to Home Depot and stop at Chipotle here is what we accomplished:
We started by taking out all the shelves that were already in the closet. Why am I saying "WE"? My brother Dan did almost ALL of the work! I just took stuff out to the trash and held the vacuum while he cut out the wall!
 HE put up a tarp to keep all the dust in a small area for easier clean-up! I'm so glad he knew to do this or it would have been a huge mess!
 After the tarps were up we started to feel like we were on the set of E.T.
 Then he ripped off the molding
Then next came the removal of the door jamb (I just learned how to spell jamb today!)
Here is a picture with all the trim gone
Now for the fun part! The cutting out of the wall!
 There it goes...
 What a mess! Thank goodness for all the tarps we put up to quarantine the area and the shop vac!
The wall is down! This is not a crappy photo- it was that dusty!
Then he cut out the supporting beams- or whatever you call them?
 Here it is all cut out! Not too shabby!
Now on to tomorrow's project- patching the floor from where the wall was. Instead of just patching the hole though, he is going to re-lay the whole closet area so it blends better with the new wood floor pieces.
 We did buy the doors today. After going to 2 stores and not finding the doors we wanted we decided to go with bifold doors instead. They were quite a bit cheaper too! We do have to paint them though.
This is what the doors will look like when they are up.
Well, I have to work tomorrow but Dan is going to continue the work and I will join up with him again on Wednesday. I'll have more for you then! Hope you are enjoying the progress!
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  1. Glad I found you! Love to follow fellow Columbus bloggers!

  2. Random Comment but the ET is so cute :)

  3. The reference to ET cracked me up..It was the first movie our youngest daughter (now 31) ever saw at the movies and was disappointed she had to set in dark and watch a big TV...anyway...thanks for sharing the progress..I have 2 closets that would benefit me more if they to were opened at the wall opening and with your updates Maybe..I can get my hubby to do the same here...OH, a women can dream..LOL

  4. looks good! Your bro's kinda cute ;)

  5. oh my I'm so jealous you're getting a new closet, thats my dream!

    xx M

  6. Awesome!!!

    I'm surprised you went with doors: I would have guessed curtains like this:

    I love seeing the progress pics. You are very lucky to have a handy brother!

  7. Jodi- I do love that look but my husband isn't as big a fan! Also we are trying to be really conscious of our house's resale value as this is not our forever house. I enjoyed the link though! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ok, I am now convinced we are sister's from another mother. Why? #1, the thrifting thing. #2, the clothes all other the house. #3, because my closet is so very similar to yours and I've been trying to figure out how I can access ALL of it without SQUEEZING down the back half. Question though- I have support beams that I'm afraid to cut down. Wouldn't that cause the support structure for the room to weaken? Help please! Need closet access bad! :-))))