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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Closet Remodel Day 2

It's Wednesday and we have decided to get an earlier start today on our closet remodel project. Yesterday, I hear, was a crazy day. My brother Dan had a little trouble finding the right flooring and he found out they gave him the wrong nail gun to go with his new nail gun set so he had to go to two different stores to get that sorted out! All this running around = not much work getting done! Not a big deal! I know it will get done! 
Here is what he did get done yesterday:
This is what the closet looked like at the beginning of the day on Tuesday:
 Then he completely removed the floor inside the closet. He is doing this instead of just patching the hole in the floor where the wall was so that the floor blends better! Gotta love a perfectionist!
 close-up time
 Then he had to cut the floor because it wasn't straight across. He used a circular saw. He told me to tell you all that in the picture is his trick for making a straight cut.
Well that concludes Tuesday's work. 
Hopefully we get more done today! 
Also, many of you have commented about my brother, Dan. Even if you didn't comment you were probably thinking it! Yes, he is very cute! Even as his sister I cannot deny that! Well ladies, I'm happy to report that he is single, smart, handsome, and a great guy! 
Just saying!

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1 comment:

  1. I <3 Dan! And you, Linds! Looks like a great project moving right along! :D