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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Return of a Classic

If you are like me then you feel as though you've just mastered the skinny jean trend. Well, I'm sorry to inform you that the reign of the skinny jean may be coming to an end. As with everything in fashion there is a rise and a fall for every trend. But unlike most fashion trends, the skinny jean has gotten way more than its 15 minutes of fame. I personally have enjoyed the trend. I find skinny jeans to be surprisingly flattering on almost all body types. But I know for many people just the name skinny can be a major hindrance.

Welcome the return of the wide leg jean! The silhouette is high waisted with an A-line, loose fitting leg that widens from the thigh to the hem. They are also commonly know as trouser jeans! You remember them right!? I know it's been a while, and the flow of blood from your legs to your brain has been cut off due to your skinny jeans but hopefully you saved a few pairs in the back of your closet! Since they haven't been the "in" jean for awhile, I've been able to find several cute pairs at the thrift store! If you hurry maybe you can find some too! Meanwhile, here is some inspiration for you:

And here is how i like to wear my wide leg jeans:

light denim

dark denim

How to master the look:
-to offset the volume of the pant tuck in your top and add a belt
-avoid longer or overly blousy tops which can create an overall thick look- not good!
-tops that are shorter with a looser hem work well too!
-wear shoes with a rounded toe- wedges, pumps, and clogs all work well
-avoid pointed toe shoes as that creates a very dated look
-flat shoes work only for the very tall!

Moral of the story is never ditch your wide leg jeans! Every couple of years they make their return to fashion. They are definitely a classic! How will you rock your wide leg denim? Pin It

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