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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Floral Arrangement

 I featured some pictures of my desk during the big basement reveal recently and I thought I'd share with you how the cute little flower arrangement on top of my desk came to be!

I actually made it myself with materials entirely from the thrift store! Allow me to show you....
these are the materials I started with

I just love this antiqued silver cup

it even had some floral foam already in it

these are the flowers I dug out of a huge bin of flowers at Goodwill for $.30 a stem

the final result

This arrangement was super easy to put together. You really only need to know these two things:
-Start the arrangement in the center. Put a stem on one side then put the next stem on the other side and work your way out until the floral foam is completely covered.
-Use an odd number of flowers. I used 7 flowers for this small cup sized arrangement.

So in total I only spent about $3 on this entire project! I'm not usually a fan of silk flowers but I love the bright modern feel of these particular stems. They really add a cheery touch to my desk area!

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