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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flea Market Find: Antique Bead Cap Necklace

While we were in Hocking Hills this past weekend we stopped at the Spring Street shops and flea market on Hwy. 33. While we were browsing through the Spring Street Antique Mall I found a really cool necklace.

I've actually been looking for one of these necklaces! It is made out of bead caps. Each cap fits into the next cap. My friend Jaymie from introduced me to this style of necklace a while back. She has a whole collection of them! I think all of hers are like an antiqued silver or gold color so I was really surprised to find one with green in it. I wasn't able to find much information about them online so if anyone knows anything about them please let me know! I know they are old- most likely antique but I don't think they are worth that much as I got this one for only $3!


Jaymie also taught me to tie them in a knot like the pictures above. This just makes them look even more chic, I think! I love these necklaces! I feel like they go with so much. You can wear them with everything from a t-shirt to a dress. I can't wait to plan an outfit around it- I'll post that later!

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