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Monday, September 13, 2010

Make Your Own Movie Screen

Recently friends of mine invested in a movie projector. While using it to watch movies in the basement is a lot of fun; using to watch movies outside is even better!  My friends wanted a large screen to watch movies outside but decided to save money by making it themselves. The only problem is that it needed sewed together and neither of them know how. This is when I entered the project!

It all started with 3 rolls of white blackout fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. Each roll had 15 ft of fabric on it.

First, I layed out one of the rolls on our basement floor. Thank the Lord for a big long finished basement!

Next I folded over the fabric 7.5 inches and pined it in place to create a pocket for a 2 inch diameter pole.

Then I measured  3/4 inch from the edge and marked it so I knew where to sew.

Here it is as I was sewing it on my executive desk (I'm getting ready to paint the desk- will feature it on a future post!)

Then I sewed where I marked the fabric to secure the pocket. I triple reinforced all of the edges to ensure that it wouldn't come loose.

Then I did the same thing with the second roll of fabric so that there is a pocket at the top and the bottom.

Then I worked on sewing the three 15 ft pieces together. I had to fold the fabric up neatly before I sewed it so I could handle all that heavy fabric!

All finished! This is as much as I could spread it out on the basement floor. The top third is folded over on top of the middle third in this picture.

Overall it really wasn't that hard of a project! I was pretty intimidated by the project at first because of the size and weight of the fabric but once I got started it went really smoothly. It was really just four 15ft long straight stiches. The hardest part was just controlling all that fabric! This is a project I would highly recommend if you are interested in saving a lot of money on a projector screen. This project came in at around $100 versus several thousand if you were to just buy one.
The big movie premier is set for the 25th of September. I will post pictures of the screen hanging up and in action after the party!

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