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Monday, September 20, 2010

Coat Season is Coming!

I can't believe that coat season is right around the corner! Last week when I went to Goodwill they had rearranged the store and brought out all the fall and winter clothing. I am just not ready to start buying sweaters and coats just yet! I decided to look through the rack anyway and to my surprise found this amazing coat by Milly! I am suddenly in the mood for winter! 
I love this light pink textured weave coat! I examined it thoroughly in the store for any damages but it is in perfect condition! I can't believe someone donated this to Goodwill! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the belt. The gold ring is a little to blingy for me. I love that it has a belt though so I decided to try some different belts with it.

Here is the coat with the original belt:

And here is the coat with a black satin ribbon in place of the belt:

And here it is with my black patent leather belt from Express:

I think it looks much better with the new belts! What do you think? Are you excited for fall/winter clothes shopping or are you still morning the end of summer sundresses and sandals like me? Pin It


  1. What a good find! :-)I think my favorite is with your Express belt. I like the bow, but the belt loops distract me.
    And, I'm with you.. mourning the end of summer :-D (of course).

  2. I pretty much cried as I boxed up my skirts and dresses yesterday. and then realized how many summer dresses I have. hahaha