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Monday, September 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes at my First Fashion Show

I had the most incredible opportunity last week! Let me start from the beginning. There is a fabulous store in the Short North area of Columbus, Ohio called Rowe. My friend Jaymie and I have made friends with the owner Maren Roth just by shopping there. Every fall Maren has a fashion show featuring clothing from the store. This year Maren asked Jaymie and I to be a part of creating the "look book" and of the fashion show. I was asked to do the makeup for the look book and Jaymie got to do some modeling and be the stylist for the show. During the show, we were both backstage helping to dress and undress the models and Jaymie did the final approval of each look before it went down the runway. It was total chaos just like you see on t.v. but tons of fun too! As a lifetime lover of all things fashion this was truely a dream come true for me to be a part of! Thanks Maren!

Here are some pictures from the look book:

The cover with Jaymie on it holding a Naty Light that some stranger gave her durring the shoot! It was really hot that day!
Photo by Nick Fancher at
My name in the credits of the look book with my blog address! So exciting!
The inside layout of the look book.
A close up on the makeup.

Here are some pictures from the Rowe runway show:
This is the room where it was held and the runway. Everyone got gift bags and a look book.
All 28 looks from the show to keep us organized.
Each outfit had one of these so we knew what outfit went on which model and so we didn't forget anything.
the hair and makeup room
Hair was big and curly with lots of volume.
Makeup was soft and natural with a custom blended bright orange lip color from Mukha Spa in Columbus, Ohio
Jaymie doing some adjustments on the models outfit
Jaymie looking over a models outfit 
dressing the models
two of the looks from the show
It was a packed house!
The models getting ready to go onto the runway.
models ready for the runway
one of the models going down the runway
getting the models changed into their 2nd outfits
a look from the runway
 another look from the runway

What a success! Everything went beautifully and a great time was had by all! As you can see by the pictures Rowe has a lot of amazing clothing, shoes and accessories. All of the looks from the show are for sale right now at Rowe. I highly recommend visiting the store at 718 N. High St. Columbus Ohio 43215 or checking out! Rowe is definitely one of my favorite stores! It makes me proud to be from Columbus, Ohio!

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  1. I had such a wonderful time meeting you and Jaymie and gushing over our love for all things thrift! The Rowe Boutique fashion show was amazing indeed!