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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thrifty Tip of the Day: No More Raccoon Eyes!

Do you ever end up getting more eyeshadow below your eye than on your eyelid? I have a few tips for preventing falling eyeshadow from ruining the rest of your makeup and all you need is a tissue!

First, after loading your brush with eyeshadow tap your brush on the edge of the compact of the sink to get rid of excess pigment.

Second, fold a tissue in half and hold it with one hand just below the eye you are working on and close eye

Lastly, heavily apply a translucent loose powder to the area where the eyeshadow would fall. Don't rub in; just let the powder sit in clumps on top of the skin. After applying eyeshadow use a clean powder brush to sweep away excess powder and the fallen shadow will go with it. The powder essentially creates a barrier so the shadow does not stick to the skin.

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