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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Goodwill Finds from last week

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Goodwill regularly gets merchandise from Target. Yes, Target! Goodwill gets the discontinued, damaged, out of season, hard to sell, and returned items. Many times the damage to something is so minor that it's not a big deal or sometimes the item went on clearance at Target but didn't sell by the time they were ready to bring in new items so they ship them off to Goodwill. Their loss is our gain! Last week at Goodwill, all of their Target merchandise was half off! Here's what I bought:

I found two great blouses with geometric prints (which I love!)

A cute blue stripe blouse in a nice light silky material. This would look great with white pants or a white skirt. I will probably tuck it in and belt it to reign in the blousiness at the bottom. $3.49

Multicolored cotton top with southwestern print in a very flattering silhouette. Keep it simple with a loud top like this. Pair it with some big earrings and dark skinny jeans. $3.49

Then I found these two scarves- one midnight blue and one bright yellow still in their packaging from Target. I got them for $.75 each! They are a little on the thin side but I thought that would be perfect for tying a turban in my hair!

A magazine rack in dark mahogany colored wood. I've been looking for a magazine rack for our living room! Originally at Target for $24.99. Purchased at Goodwill for $4.99! It is very slightly damaged- a little nick in the wood- you try and find it!

Gorgeous fake orchid in a green ceramic pot. Perfect for the guest room we are working on. $4.99

This is what I am most excited about- a ceramic garden stool. I had my eye on this when it was at Target. It started out at $79.99 then went on clearance for $49.99 which was still more than I wanted to pay. Then it showed up at Goodwill for $47.99 which I thought was way to expensive for a thrift store! So I checked in on it every week to see if they marked it down any and after three weeks it went down to $19.99! I was sold! then I realized all the Target merchandise was half off that day so I ended up getting it for $9.98! What a deal for such a cool piece! It can be used not only as a stool but also as a side table outside or inside. I am using mine as a side table in my living room.

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