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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creative and Decorative Storage for your Makeup

I was recently presented with a challenge. The bathroom in our new house has a pedastool sink which means NO STORAGE! The medicine cabinet has ample room for other toiletries but my makeup didn't seem to fit. The previous owners had left some great shelves in the bathroom above the toilet so I decided to leave them up and use them as a place for my makeup. I couldn't just dump it all on the shelves so I decided to use some decorative containers to hide my makeup and keep it organized.

Here are the shelves before:

Here they are after:

Here are the containers I used:

Yellow cup from Tuesday Morning holds my favorite lip glosses $3

mother of pearl tall cup/ vase from Odd Lots holds my brushes
got on clearance for $6
TIP: always store brushes with the heads up so they don't get smooshed
TIP: If the container you choose is too tall for your brushes put some sand or rocks in the bottom. It would also look great to use a clear container and put decorative rocks in the bottom.

this rattan basket from Goodwill holds my most used eyeshadows $1

these adorable yellow bird print makeup bags from Old Navy hold my foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara
got on clearance $2

I also added a few other decorative items to make it all blend in. Now my makeup is organized, easy to reach, but hidden! How do you store your makeup? What else would you use shelves in a bathroom for?

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