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Friday, August 6, 2010

Goodwill was Good to Me!

I found so much great stuff at Goodwill this week! Even some specific items that I've been looking for. My friend Jaymie and I have a theory that if before you go shopping you think of something you want to find at the thrift store you will find it. It has happened to us too many times to count! I like to think of it as God proving His power and His love for us in this small way that means so much to us.

Check out what i found this week:

colored glass bottles- great for decorating- esp. on window sills where they catch the light. $1 each

napkins- I love using decorative napkins when we have people over. $.59 each

cream and sugar containers- I have been looking for these! $1 each
We often serve coffee when we have guests and I wanted these to put the milk and sugar in.

wine bottle stoppers- great colors for a red wine and a white wine! $.39

basket to hold silverware and napkins- I have been looking for one of these too! Great for parties! $1.49

here it is all filled up- perfect!

Also found a photo album for $4.99, 10 pads of paper for $1.00, and beachy gift bags 2 for $.59

southwestern print tunic- great for over a bathing suit or belted as a dress for us shorties! Love the print! I don't just love western stuff. I also love southwestern stuff too! $4.99

Hawaiian floral print dress- so cute isn't it?! $4.99

navy/ white striped cotton dress- great for those hot summer days! 
I thought this dress had a lot of interesting details in the tiers and the neckline. $4.99

purple/ gray dress- I also loved the details on this dress too. The way it is attached to a basic gray tank dress is a really interesting design. I also love the runching on the top and the flower at the hip! $4.99

denim romper- rompers are a major trend right now and they are nice and breezy for summer. I love the light demin fabric. $4.99

sheer floral blouse- love the ruffles down the front! $2.99

So what good stuff have you found at your local thrift store lately? If you haven't tried thrifting maybe my great finds will convince you to give it a try!

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  1. All of them- but mostly High st and Morse rd

  2. Hmmmm . . . I might have to borrow that purple dress for a wedding . . . (typical, I know)