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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: 70's Print Dress

Milly dress: thrift $5
vintage earrings: One More Time Resale Shop $12
Target shoes: thrift $4
vintage purse: thrift $2
Total Cost: $23

lip color: Revlon Plumalicious

week: 20

This is one of many designer Milly dresses I have found at the thrift store over the years! They typically sell originally for around $300! So it's always a major score when I find one! This particular dress I found several years ago and thought if I ever get pregnant it would make a fantastic maternity dress! I've saved it for all these years for this moment so it felt a little special finally wearing it! I feel like the timing is just perfect because the colors and shape are right on with the current 70's trend!

It's been a few weeks since I did a pregnancy update so in case you are curious, here it goes:

How Far: 21 weeks today. Feels good to be over half way! So far it's going so fast! Due Jan 20th

Having: a Boy!

Feeling: still not great but the sickness is getting fewer and further between. It is still mostly in the evening but I've had a few good nights lately which I'm so grateful for! The migraines are still coming about every other day or so to varying degrees but I'm starting Chiropractic treatment next week so I'm hoping it will help!

Cravings: Still want fruit all the time- peaches, honey crisp apples, red grapes, pineapple. Grateful that I am finally able to eat tomatoes and tomato sauces again!  Also, having a lot of weird junk food cravings but I have never been the type to give in to those so I'm staying strong... mostly! Still missing adult beverages those!

Purchases: Since we found out we are having a boy, I've been to Old Navy, Carters, Baby Gap, and H&M scouring the clearance racks for clothes and shoes. I'm pretty picky when it comes to his style (you can check out his style board on Pinterest here). I mostly only like things that look like my fashionable hubby would wear. So lots of black and gray when I can find it! Not really into characters, or pastels or anything cutesy. I know it's not practical at all but I want him to have a nice shoes collection. I'm not paying very much for each pair and I'm sure I can sell them after he grows out of them. Here are a few things we have bought:

clockwise from the top left:
H&M high tops $14.99
Old Navy stripe onesie $6
Carter's pink surf t-shirt $5
Old Navy button-up $4
Carter's camo joggers $5
Baby Gap tiger onesie $10
Baby Gap cut off jorts $15
Homage Ohio onesie $18 (gift from my brother and sister-in-law)
H&M black skinny jeans (gift from my besties)
Old Navy joggers $5 (also bought in gray)

We also picked up this antique toy box for his room at a flea market last weekend (the cats love it!)

Movement: maybe just a little flutter but not much yet.

Names: we have our top three in order of how much we like them. Thank the Lord we agree on names- makes it  so much easier! I think we are going to keep it a secret though!

Nesting: it is in full swing! We cleaned out the whole basement last weekend and threw away SO MUCH STUFF! It felt great! I have also been going through all of my clothes and purging a lot! Yesterday, I even started the process to re-caulk our bathtub! Crazy!

The Bump: Up until a few days ago it was hard to tell but I think I might have hit the point where I finally look pregnant. I can still wear my regular jeans- only the ones with stretch in them- but still! He is definitely growing though!

Nursery: I have so many ideas I feel a bit overwhelmed right now with trying to make decisions. I'm thinking either a light blue or gray on the walls with pops of blues and oranges. I've been thinking about a deep sea theme with stormy dark blue and teals, waves and whales. I also like southwestern patterns a lot. Whatever it is there will definitely be animals involved! We are going to IKEA in a few weeks to get a crib and a few other things.

Exercise: I feel like I've been slacking a little the past 2 weeks. It's just been too hot to go out and walk. I'm looking forward to cooler temps (for the first time in my life) so I can get out there!

Aches and Pains: yes, lots. sharp pains on either side of my lower back and lots of cramping all the time!

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  1. Hello, I use a product for motion sickness called SeaBands. It is a set of acupuncture bracelets worn around the wrist. It helps me avoid sickness caused by motion. It also says it is recommended for pregnancy nausea. Maybe it will help you too? I bought mine at Walgreens for $12 and they never expire.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation but I tried those without much relief! I've actually used those for years because I get severe motion sickness regularly which is probably why I'm so sick now!

  2. We chose not to tell anyone our sons name before he was born. I was surprised it bothered so many people. However, it was the best decision ever. Luckily, everyone loved little Henry!

  3. You're so funny... You were like," idk how I feel @ being pregnant... To " he has his own unique style..." Keep the updates coming!!!

    1. LOL! I guess you could say I'm embracing it!

    2. Go on girrrrl!!!! Can't wait to see his style!!

  4. LOVE the dress, love the preggo updates.

  5. You look soo cute! And congrats to you!!! Haven't stopped by to say it, but I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!


  6. Congratulations on the coming addition, haven't been on the blog for a while. And that dress though...amazing find. Milly has some of the best outfits.

  7. Congratulations on the coming addition, haven't been on the blog for a while. And that dress though...amazing find. Milly has some of the best outfits.

  8. Love, love, love the dress. You look amazing as always! Please share some of your skin care and make-up secrets with us.

  9. Beautiful dress! The colours are lovely and suit you so well. Love your hair colour!

    Emma xxx