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Friday, December 19, 2014

Thifty Finds Friday; Vintage Stunners

Thrifty Finds Friday is back! I've got some great finds for you including some vintage stunners!

The first two items are from Goodwill:
 Express strapless dress- paid $7
size 4- selling
 vintage sleeveless shift dress and long jacket- paid $7
size 4- selling

The next few items are from Ohio Thrift on Henderson Rd. from their half price day:
 vintage coat with fur trim- paid $11.50
size M- selling
 Brand New with Tags Cynthis Rowley dress- paid $15
size 6-selling
Express dress- paid $12.50

The last few items are from Volunteers of America on West Broad St.:
 vintage cape/jacket- paid $3
size M/L- selling
 Forever 21 tweed dress- paid $7
size M- selling
 J.Crew nautical dress- paid $7
size S- selling
 H&M white sweater- paid $1
 Talbots jacket- paid $6
size M- selling
stonewash denim jacket- paid $4

Any Favorites?
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  1. These are great! That Cythia Rowely dress is so pretty and I am just a sucker for stripes and anchors!

  2. F21 Tweed dress, stunning!

  3. The vintage coat with the faux fur trim is beautiful!

  4. is the blue dress and jacket still available?

  5. Are you selling these items? If so, I'd love to purchase a few. Thank you! Email me at ~ Helen

  6. I have to agree with the girl above me. Are these items for sale, because I'd love to purchase a couple of them! They are so lovely, and right up my alley of vintage/retro styled clothing!! You're a crazy good thrifted. I think you need to start a class of sorts haha

    Dear Sunny

  7. I especially like the cape/jacket, very cool.