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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meet Our New Fur Babies!

So much is going on right now I thought I'd do a little post to get you all up to speed! 

Well, I'll start with the big news!

We got two kittens!

As most of you know our precious cat Harvey went missing 51 days ago. I have been sick with worry. This is one of the hardest things I've ever been through. About two weeks ago we got a note from a neighbor that said she found a cat that had been hit by a car and passed away and she was pretty sure it was him. As devastating as that news was it did allow some sort of closure. I knew it was time to get a new friend(s). After many trips to several local shelters and snuggling with literally a 100 kitties we found our new babies this morning at the Cozy Cat Cottage in Powell, Ohio!

I'm so excited to introduce our new boys:
  name at the shelter: Shakespeare
14 weeks
 name at the shelter: Andy
11 weeks

They are both such sweet cuddly boys! It is so fun to watch them wrestle and play together! They aren't brothers but they have been in the same cage at the shelter for several weeks. I'm so in love with them! I'm getting nothing done because all I want to do is be with them! Right now I'm typing with one hand and holding a sleeping kitten in my other arm! We are definitely going to change their names so I'll let you know when we decide! 

The other really exciting news is we got a new front step!

If you've ever been to our house then you've probably fallen off our wonky front step- sorry! It was so uneven. When we bought the house over 4 years ago we said the first thing we were going to do is get a new step! Well, you know how it goes- it took 4 years but its done and I love it!



Isn't it beautiful! I love how it's a little rustic so if fits with the age of the home! A guy named Larry Miller did the work for us- he's a friend of ours from church and he does amazing work!

That's all for now- I've gotta get back to snuggling!

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  1. I'm so glad you adopted from a shelter! They're ADORBS!

  2. They're so cute! It's always a good idea to get two kittens when you get them that age!

  3. Adding furr babies to your family is always exciting! I do agree with you on the "at least you got closure" part regarding Harvey. I really like that you got two kittens that had been in the same cage because they had probably already started forming a bond. As for your new front step, I love it! It makes your house look more homey and welcoming.

  4. I love the kittens! I have two sweeties at my house but they're not kittens any more. (My email is, I haven't gotten around to fixing my blogger account.)