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Friday, February 7, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds from this week:
 Dots blouse $4
 Moda International $4
I have several black blazers already but I love how this one is extra long and double breasted- so it's a totally different look!
 Old Navy Rockstar jeans $6
 no label jacket $4
 Target sweater $6
funny story- This sweater was on my Christmas list and I didn't get it so I was super excited to find it at the thrift store!
 H&M sweater $4
 Forever 21 lace dress $5
 Blue Rain lace dress $5
Xhilaration for Target jewel collared blouse $6

Any Favorites?
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  1. I love the black jacket and the blazer! The striped top is cute too! I cant imagine that your thrift shops are so cheap! There is almost nothing under 5 bucks in most thrift shops in Maine and the stuff that is $5 you dont want it! That cute jacket you found is awesone-would cost $15-20 around here! Awesome finds!

  2. H&M sweater! Love the neckline. Kristy, I also appreciate how cheap this girl can score stuff! The Chicago area is higher priced for thrifting too. My Chicago thrift strategy is go on sale day! My Savers store has 25% of everything on Tuesdays (I guess you have to know this as there is no sign posted about this), and other area consignment shops mark down colored tags at certain times. Even so, our prices tend to range double what Lindsey pays.

    I like to stop by a thrift store when travelling, as different areas always have different stuff/prices. I trust to find the good ones - it hasn't let me down yet!

  3. Peter pan collars are so cute right now..and with lace too..major score!

  4. The stripey dress and the black and white lace dress are my fav for sure. Good finds!

    Corinne x

  5. Great finds! I love the dresses!


  6. Love the lace dresses !

  7. Looks like you found some really great stuff! I love that red and blue sweater!

  8. I love the dots blouse and the h&m sweater. Just stumbled across your blog and love it :)

  9. I like the Forever 21 lace dress, it reminds me of the one Pink wore in the video "just give me a reason"

  10. These are all so cute! I have been searching for the ON rock star jeans in thrift stores and not found any my size :( Good finds! I am bloglovin following you! You have a great blog. RachelXx