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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Florida Fashion

 Hi from sunny Florida! I wanted to show you a few of my vacation outfits. It's not easy though because I don't have my tripod and my mom is not very comfortable with my big camera. We've been busy having fun too- not much time for photo shoots! I'm on vacation after all! But I managed to get a few shots:

This is what I wore on the plane to Florida and on the first day there:
 Target sweater: thrift $4
Target top: thrift $4
vintage clock necklace: thrift $3
Banana Republic jeans: One More Time second hand store $10
Minnetonka moccasins: thrift $4
Total Cost $25
(this is why I never wear flats- I look so short!)

 I wore this outfit out to dinner at a place called Cherry Pockets. It's a seafood restaurant in an old fish camp. We go there every year- it's one of our favorite's!
  J.Crew blazer: thrift $4
t-shirt: thrift $4
Banana Republic jeans: thrift $6
necklace: My mom's (gift from my niece Emmy!) 
Levity wedge sandals: thrift $4
Total Cost: $18

This is my mom! She is wearing a Style & Co. top that I thrifted for her. I'm her personal shopper! She is also wearing my necklace that my best friend Alicia gave me. We decided to wear each others necklaces! P.S. My mom said she is thrilled to finally make the blog!

We are having a great time in Florida! It's been in the 80's all week! Yesterday we went to Boca Grande beach with my grandma's cousin Sue. It was amazing! We've also managed to get to 7 different thrift stores and I got so much great stuff- I can't wait to show you! Anyway, I'll be home Friday afternoon so I better get back to the sunshine while I still can!

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  1. your mom's top is so pretty! I love that it's age appropriate and still lovely.

  2. Looks like you're having a nice trip! How sweet of your mom to take your pics. She's lucky that you're her personal shopper!!

  3. Your mother is gorgeous. Now I know where you get some of your beauty.

  4. Ah! I live in Orlando - would you be willing to share the stores you shopped at? There are lots of great thrift stores here, but I'd love to make a thrifting trip down to Lake Wales sometime! And maybe eat at Cherry Pocket...their menu looks delish!

    1. I'd like to know the same thing! I'm from the tampa bay area and it's hard to find decent shops. I do a lot of work with horses over in lake wales.

  5. Nice! Your Mom is lovely. Easy to see where you get your looks!
    Have fun!
    xo Kris

  6. Stylish ladies! Thanks for posting your mum's outfit too.

  7. I love getting to see you and your mama. Have fun together!

  8. Those are fun casual outfits, perfect for a day out in Florida. And your mother is very stylish too like you!

  9. Aw, your mother is so pretty and stylish! I see where you get it from! ;-) 7 different thrift stores...what's impressive! Enjoy your time in FL!


  10. I LOVE the color of the peachy beige blouse and turquoise, your mom is beautiful! I am like you and shop thrift stores on vacation :) If you are ever in Houston, Jen and I will take you to our favorite spots! pippa

  11. I just found your blog and love how it's all about how to dress fabulously without spending a ton! I haven't yet learned the art of thrift shopping so I'm excited to learn from you (and some of your followers here). I've managed to make my budget go further by also working the system with using the items in my closet in creative ways. Making totally fresh looks without having to buy new stuff has been an amazing skill to learn. I use and loveeee it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

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