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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Winter Floral

Coat: Old Navy $30
H&M sweater: thrift $4
Urban Outfitters skirt: thrift $4
boots: Aldo (gift) $0
necklace: (gift) $0
Total Cost: $38

I thrifted this sweater and skirt on the same day and immediately knew I wanted to wear them together. Most of the time when I thrift shop I am just picking up single clothing pieces but I love it when I can actually make a whole outfit during one shopping trip! It actually happens more than you would think!

This has been my everyday winter coat for the past few years. It's not glamorous but it's warm! I got it at Old Navy at an after Christmas sale. Speaking of after Christmas sales, I went to the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale last night and got 5 bras, 3 pairs of underwear, and 2 night gowns for $150! That would have cost about $400 retail! Did you get any great after Christmas deals?
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  1. Love it!! I want the sweater! I've been looking for that color while thrifting, but can't find anything. So lucky that you were able to find a complete outfit. The necklace is very pretty and is a perfect match!

  2. This color combination looks so beautiful on you and goes perfectly with your hair color!!!!
    Can't believe you got so many amazing items from VS only for $150, I've no idea why I didn't go shopping for after Christmas deals!!!

  3. Kudos! One of my favorite color combos. Love the print, reminds me of a vintage Waverly wallpaper design only updated as only you can do.

  4. I'm loving this outfit - the color is just absolutely perfect!