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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Leather and Leopard

 Cherokee kid's fur coat: thrift $6
The Limited top: thrift $4
H&M skirt: H&M $30
vintage boots: thrift $13
earrings: Forever 21 $3
Total Cost: $56

Hey Everyone! Hope you are staying warm wherever you are! The craziest thing happened to me! I got in my car yesterday to go to work and started up it up, put it in drive, pushed on the gas... and nothing! My car is FROZEN to the ground! There must have been a lot of water under my car when the freezing temp rolled. I have no idea where the water came from and it's no where else on my street- just under MY car! Guess I'm not driving till Spring.

Enough about the weather, on to the fashion! I have to laugh about this top. I worked at The Limited store (at Northland Mall Columbus, Ohio) back in 1998-2001 and I remember this top- it was in the store during that time period! (I have a freekishly good memory when it comes to clothes!) What makes me laugh though, is how current this top looks now in 2014- aprox. 14 years later! I think it's the color that really makes it look current- burgundy is so hot right now!

The coat is also sort of a funny story too! I found it in the kid's dept. at Goodwill and it fits my small frame just perfectly! I have a hard time finding jackets and coats that don't overwhelm me- so this was a pretty exciting find. And, I love leopard, and fur, and it's really warm! Score!

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  1. that coat is so much fun! awesome find in the kid's section & it looks really warm. my car has had trouble starting all week too, ugh. yesterday the door was frozen shut! thankfully, it's supposed to warm up this weekend.


  2. I love the coat! I am the same way; hard for me to find a coat/jacket to fit my small frame, especially through the shoulders. I remember the Northland Mall and also City Center. That is strange about your car, but with this extreme cold, nothing surprises me. My husband had to work in it the past 2 days and his eyelashes would freeze. Thank goodness for a warm-up this weekend!

  3. That's crazy that you remember that particular top from 14 years ago, and you're so right that it's very current right now...color AND style. I see lots of those "secretary tops" (as I've seen them called) in various places, and I love how you made yours edgy with the leather skirt leopard coat. Very naughty secretary, hee hee. :)
    On the Daily Express

  4. Cute outfit-love the top! I know what you mean about your vehicle being frozen to the ground-my truck was that way this morning! We had a nasty ice storm in maine and everything has been covered in ice! Ughh!

  5. I am in love with that skirt. For some reason I am so into leather right now...yet I own none! And that is a children's jacket?! Score! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. Wow this entire outfit is amazing!! You look so great!!

  7. Adorable, as usual.

    A little rock salt on the ice around your tires should melt it, even in sub-zero weather. Then at least you could move it to a drier area till you can get the tire pressure checked. Were you pranked?

  8. yet I own none! And that is a children's jacket?! Score! Thanks for linking up :)
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