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Friday, November 1, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday

Hi Everyone! It's that time again to see what I thrifted this week! So here it is:
  vintage velvet dress $5
how cute is the back of this dress!
Size 6?
 vintage dress $5
love the Asian influence on this dress!
 BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Teeze Me dress $5
 vintage black velvet strapless dress $5
this is what understated glamour looks like!
Bill Levkoff dress $5
such a perfect holiday dress- thinking about wearing this dress or the purple dress above to an upcoming wedding!
 St John dress emerald green dress $6
I bought this because it is St John- so I know it's an expensive dress!
Size 8
 dress $5
I can't wait until it's summer again so I can wear this cutie!
Atmosphere lace dress $5
Size XL
XXI neon tribal sweater $4
Delia's mustache t $3
Size M
 Ann Taylor LOFT top $3
 Mango blazer $5
missing the button to close the jacket but I think I can find one very similar!
Size M
Ann Taylor heels $4
Size 7.5

Any Favorites?

As always, the items with sizes listed will be going up for sale on eBay very soon! I plan on listed a bunch of new stuff next week!

Wish me luck! Tonight I am putting on a runway fashion show at a gala for a Teen Magazine called Pure Design. I've helped with runway shows, I've styled runway shows and now I'm doing an entire show! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show next week!

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  1. Good luck tonight! I love the red holiday dress!

  2. I love the two velvet dresses!

  3. Such good finds! I am looking forward to seeing how you style the black Asian-inspired dress and the red party dress. I can't believe you got that thing for 5 bucks! I am always amazed at what people spend good money on and then just cast off like it's nothing. It boggles my mind. I am glad there are people like you in this world to rescue and rehome good clothes.

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  4. When will these be on the eBay stores?