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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: The Perfect Dress... Too Late

 vintage dress: Volunteers of America $4
J.Crew belt: Volunteers of America $2
Forever 21 earrings: gift $0
shoes: Goodwill $4
Total Cost: $10

This is the perfect outfit to wear to my best friend's wedding...too bad it was 3months ago! She let me pick my own bridesmaid dress- It just had to be navy blue. I really wanted to find a dress at the thrift store so I looked for months and never found anything so at the last minute I grabbed a cute dress from H&M. I like the dress I wore but it would have been cool to say that my whole bridesmaid look was only $10! Oh well! I love this dress and I'm sure I'll find somewhere to wear it!

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  1. You look so cute! That dress is going to be great this summer, just you wait.

  2. I really love your blog. Your outfits are great and I love how you add up the price.

  3. Love this look and that belt is just the right touch... You will definitely find a use for this one!

  4. Oh goodness, such a beautiful dress! I'm sure you'll find just the right occasion to wear it!


  5. this is adorable and such a steal for the entire look! what a bummer about the timing, but i'm sure you'll get use out of it for something fun! :)

    xo Liz

  6. Absolutely love the dress, it goes so great with your hair color! If you get the chance to stop by my blog that would be great!

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

  7. You look so pretty it's ridiculous! I'm especially in love with that second picture! So fun!! I love twirling in flowy dresses :)

  8. This dress is adorable on you and has a great twirl factor! With the belt and shoes, it's just great!

    I found a dress for my brother's wedding at a bag sale. It was teal, floor length, had some architectural pleating and the tags from the bridal store were still on!

  9. That dress is so adorable and I love how you made it even more dressed up by adding the sparkly J Crew belt. It would have been a perfect bridesmaid dress.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  10. Such an adorable dress! And for $4?! WHAT!?! I need to go thrifting here soon!

  11. so cute! I love finding things like that at thrift, and that dress is gorgeous!

  12. I love your outfit! and u spend only 10$! wow!!
    I love your blog! I follow you!!!

  13. Nice! You paired together two of my faves from your last haul.



  14. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the dress!

  15. Ahh! That would have been perfect for a bridesmaid dress, but really who DOESN'T need an adorable vintage dress?? Good find!!

  16. Looks great! The wife and I wish they would give you a regular segment on the morning show. We always look forward to your appearance. Wife has all of her friends watching you,reading your blog and FB page. Our Granddaughter has gotten so many good ideas from you. You did a awesome job with your home design to.

  17. I love this look, the flirty bottom is my favorite part! That would have been amazing if you could have worn it as a bridesmaids dress! Love your hair too in clipped half up. So cute!

    XO Chelsea

  18. This dress is stunning Lindsey! I absolutely love it on you!!

  19. What a great dress! Love the color and style! Definitely wear it again!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  20. That dress looks just so lovely on you! Very cute!


  21. loving the bottom - it REALLY makes the outfit !
    super cute and you're too gorgeous for words.
    signing off envious of your hair color :P
    Danielle -