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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrifty Finds Friday: Seersucker, Velvet, and Polyester, Oh My!

Here are my Goodwill finds from this week:

The first few items are from the Polaris Goodwill:
 American Eagle dress: $5.99
because seersucker and summer are a perfect match!
Forever 21 burgundy velvet blazer $4.29
the color and the material are both very on trend for Fall!
 vintage dress $5.99
and someone already shortened it up for me, how nice!
 The Limited tan/black stripe sweater $3.29
a classic color combo!
 American Eagle night shirt $3.29
love wearing these around the house and to bed!

And from the Goodwill on Morse Rd.:
 Target maxi dress $4.99
it's missing the lining but I have plenty of slips from other dresses that will work with it!
Forever 21 plaid dress $4.99
wish I would have found this a week ago- it would have been perfect to wear to the Ohio State Fair- maybe next year!
 vintage light yellow dress $4.99
I love the cut and fit of this dress but I'm not crazy about the color so I'm thinking about dying it!
 brand new Target top $3.99
I love anything southwestern!
Wondian stripe tank $3.99
I can never pass up a nice shirt with stripes!
 half slip $.99
I always like to have plenty of these on hand. You can add this to my never pay retail list!
 Target frame $7.99
 the only thing wrong with this is a small chip on the left side of the frame and I saved $12!
Poly-fil stuffing $.99
I need this stuff for when I make pillows. It retails for $5-6!

It was a good week! Any favorites?
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  1. I love both vintage dresses! Absolutely adorable, but I totally agree with dying of the yellow dress. Maybe a dark purple!? That would be cute.


  2. I read this post on my way to the goodwill today (no I was not driving!) and just so happen the first dress I saw in the dresses was that exact sear sucker dress! I didn't try it on though because this certain goodwill charged $7.99 for dresses, and I am too thrifty for even that because my Goodwills at home only charge $4.99. ;) Great finds as always though!

    <3 Danielle

  3. another haul that i am totally jealous of ;-)

    xx, james

  4. Good haul! I can't wait to see how the dye job goes with the dress!

  5. Wow you really did great, I love the seersucker dress, so cute! 2nd favorite is that nice sweater, perfect!