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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Birthday in Pittsburgh

Yesterday was my birthday as many of you know by now. We are spending a few days in Pittsburgh to celebrate! Why Pittsburgh you might ask? It is actually a super cool city with tons to see and do! Who knew, right!
 We spend most of the daytime downtown in the Station Square area where there is shopping and restaurants.
 I made a souvenir penny because I always make them where ever we go- it's a cheap souvenir!
 For lunch we went to Bar Louie and I had some of my favorites- soft pretzel sticks, sangria, and fish tacos! Yum!
 I wore my new butterfly dress that I got at Goodwill for only $4.99!
 Did you know Pittsburgh has 436 bridges? That is more than anywhere else in the world including Venice!
 We took a tour on this super fun car/boat called a duck boat!
 Guess what was right behind our hotel! It was fate! It was a really cool two story Salvation Army. I bought 3 tops- I'll show you those later! Here are some of the cool sights around the South Side Salvation Army:
 I was very tempted to get this but I didn't
More on my birthday evening later but it was a perfect day! I highly recommend Pittsburgh to anyone who loves to explore cool cities like me!

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  1. Who the fact that your birthday celebration was capped off with a trip to the local Salvation Army. I love those chairs!!!


  3. Nice! I know nothing about Pittsburg, now I have a little fact to stash away. I hope you won't be sorry later you didn't get that black outfit! Really cute and would have looked good on you : )

  4. Oh Lindsey, this makes me want to thrift like right now. I would have had to purchase that plastic model with the internal organs showing. Love the photos. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. Wow Its Amazing to see the Discounts for Clothing at your Local GW Stores. Here in Houston , we dont get those Colored Discounts. The GW Discount here is only good on Furniture and Jewelry :/ The shoes are priced by Brand sometimes and if they are New. Some shoes I've seen are priced at 39.99. Crazy but the most I've paid for shoes are no more than $10.00. I am really thinking of starting my own Blog. I have been scoring Big with Authentic Designer Handbags from Fendi,Dooney Bourke,Coach, Lucky Brand,Kate Spade and just recently scored a Vinate Channel with Lamb Leather. These are all from the Only GW Store I have been going to Months :). Your Thrifting is Awesome Hun, Keep up the Good Work :)

    1. Thanks girl! I do feel pretty lucky to live in a place with some of the cheapest thrift stores! Sounds like you've had some pretty amazing finds lately! You should totally start a blog to show them off!