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Monday, July 30, 2012

Top Ten Things to Never Pay Retail For

There are just some things I never pay retail prices for because I know I can find them fairly easily at the thrift store! I know all thrift stores are different but I have shopped stores all over the U.S. and I've seen the following 10 items in almost every store! So this is my "Never Pay Retail For These Items" list that I put together for you guys in hopes that I can help save you a few bucks! I know, you can thank me later!

1. The Classic Blazer
You can find them in every shape, size, and color but I've never been to a thrift store that doesn't have a least a few great blazers!

2. Jean Jackets
I have to laugh when I hear about people paying more than $10 for a jean jacket because thrift stores have some many for much less! They last forever and just get better with wear! I even cut the sleeves off or embellish them to make a new trendy look!

 3. Scarves
I have tons of scarves all from the thrift store! They are so readily available and super cheap I can't help myself when I see a print or color I love!

4. Belts
I own almost 100 belts and I don't think I've ever bought one at a retail store! 


 5. Pencil Skirts
This is a timeless cut that's been around forever which means many of them have made their way to a thrift store near you! From classic black to every color of the rainbow- you can find them at thrift stores!

 Mugs and Glasses:
I am always looking for great unique mugs and glasses and thrift stores are like a gold mine for these items! I love what great conversation pieces they can be when you have guests over!

LBD's (Little Black Dresses):
Everyone should have a few in their closet! I find cute LBD's all the time at thrift stores. I always buy them because they rarely go out of style and they always look classy!

Sure, there are a lot of horrible jeans at thrift stores but if you are patient you can certainly find that diamond in the rough! I think people regularly buy jeans; wear them a few times; then decide they don't like the way they fit; then donate them- you know you've done it!

  Cool Furniture:
I may not buy all my furniture at the thrift store- I don't usually buy upholstered  items but they are great for side tables, shelves and dressers! Sometimes the pieces need a little sprucing up but it can be well worth the work!

Home Decor:
Most of the decor items in my house have come from thrift stores! I like to periodically change things around and getting items cheap allows me to do this whenever I feel like it without feeling guilty! Thrift Stores are also great for Holiday Decor too! I buy holiday items all year round so I have them when I need them!

I know there are other items that are readily available at thrift stores but these are my favorites! Books are another great item but I don't always have the patients to look for ones I want to read! Is there anything else you can think of that you like to find that I didn't list?

So please take my advice and don't over pay for these items!

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  1. So I was a big thrifter before but I just hadn't had the time to go and do it as much now that I am in college. I have been so jealous of all your great finds so I decided to try my local Goodwill and I nearly gave up but then I found a couple of diamonds. So thank you for all your encouragement!

  2. Great list! I don't think I buy much of anything except underwear at retail anymore. :) Almost everything in my house has come from a thrift store, or yard sale, or antique auction; same with my closet. Except for antique auctions; nothing in my closet cam from those. ;) LOL

  3. This is dead on! I don't think I buy anything retail anymore; if I do, it has to be on super sale. I just don't see the point, when I can get something so unique and cheap at a thrift store. I would also say purses; so different styles and great quality - either designer or vintage. :)


  4. love the practical element to this post!

  5. I agree with every single one of these! I loved looking back at some of your awesome outfits.

  6. Great post! I love seeing all the examples, too! I've been strickly thrifting for my clothes for over a year now. When I look at retail prices I always think, "oh, for this much for one item I can buy a whole new outfit at the thrift store!"

  7. Fantastic post and great tips. p.s. I love the gold necklace you're wearing!

  8. This is such a great post! I almost bought a blazer at full price today. Glad I didn't!

    -Mary @

  9. I totally agree with everything! I, too, am addicted to scarves. It's just so easy to incorporate them and I can typically wear them more than 9 months out of the year.

    I also like to pick up kitchen supplies from thrift stores. Things like pots and pans are expensive new but a dime a dozen used and you can get really high quality.

    I've also had success with curtains so I suggest keeping measurements on hand at all times (also good if you're in the market for furniture)!

  10. Great tips!

    I look for picture frames at thrift stores too! Some of them are broken in the back so look out for that, but many are in great shape and only cost a dollar or two! I've also bought unique lamps there (here's one I made-over

    I've also found some really great antique silver trays at my local thrift store....those are my favorite thing to come across!

  11. Agree with all of this. Literally all of my home decor comes from the thrift store. Specifically...LAMPS. You occasionally find a frayed electrical cord or a dud but I recently scored two gorgeous colored glass lamps that would normally retail $40 or more a piece. Together, they cost me $14 and I found two inexpensive shades at a big box store.

    I also thrift pretty much all my painting/photo frames. I like to mix and match texture and color but if you're going for a theme, it's easy enough to sand/paint to make them match an existing color scheme. The best thing is finding a cheap painting with a fantastic custom frame and mat. I can ditch the old lady print inside and frame a great postcard or photo for way less than I would spend having it framed by someone else.

    Love all your tips!

  12. Great tips, Lindsey! I often forget about the furniture and home goods since I'm usually going shopping for clothes. When I hit up the antique stores, I've got my eyes peeled for interesting knick knacks, but I need to remember to keep them open at the thrift store.

    Sidenote, you look just like a friend of mine in the face (except she's blonde)!

  13. Very true, Lindsey. I've run a Top Ten List at Let's Go Thrifting...of things that seem to be at every single thrift store. But they were most impractical things like outdated computer manuals and Herb Alpert records.

    I'm going out tomorrow to look for some clothes, bags, shoes and scarves. Wish me luck!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  14. Great idea, I only wish I had better access to thrift stores here in Dubai!


    Leopard and Lillies

  15. Wonderful post and your outfits are amazing!

  16. Great post! I agree with all of them.

  17. So true... Now that I'm a thrifter, I would never buy a jacket from a retail store. I actually get disgusted at the prices and generic-ness of mall clothing. I haven't been very lucky with the denim, but I'm still hopeful!

  18. I am just amazed at all these thrift store finds! I swear I never find anything at thrift stores. I must be going to the wrong ones. I do manage to find home decor/glassware though.

  19. Amazing post! I adore blazers - but retail prices make me not want to buy them. All of this is so true, there's never a shortage of LBD's or cool mugs and glasses or jean jackets in thrift stores. My mum always tells me to look out for scarves at the thrift store! :)

  20. Amazing post...and I'll have to keep these all in mind! Especially the blazer point, because I am obsessed with blazers but not so obsessed with the hefty price tags. Thanks for posting this!!


  21. I love it linds I don't have the patience to look for jeans I want but would spend hours looking through books! We need a team effort again. Love the post! - Amanda Nash