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Friday, July 27, 2012

Thrift Store Finds of the Week

Here are all of my amazing thrift store finds from this week:

from the Goodwill on Morse Rd.:
 Forever 21 floral dress $4.99
 Calvin Klein short sleeved suit jacket $3.99
I think this will be cute with shorts for a summer suit look!
 Calvin Klein LBD $4.99
will be going up for sale on Ebay- size 8!
 BCBG dress $4.99
 J.Crew navy blue fitted blouse $3.99
 Forever 21 dress $4.99
will be selling soon- size Medium!
 Original Penguin polo $3.99
I got this for my husband. I bought him an Original Penguin shirt years ago and paid over $60!
 Steve Madden gold flats $3.99
 Aldo spike heels $3.99
 Ralph Lauren loafers $3.99
I have a feeling my mom is going to want these- size 8.5!
 J.Crew metallic heels $3.99

 And here are my finds from the Volunteers of America on Indianola:
 Gunne Sax vintage dress $2.99
 As U Wish dress $5.99
 vintage dress $3.99
 vintage dress $5.99
 polka dot blouse $4.99
 Forever 21 paper bag waist black skirt $1.99
 Energie studded top $3.99
 Ann Taylor LBD $2.99
I know this dress doesn't look like much in the picture but the material is really nice and it fits perfectly!

 And here are my finds from the Polaris Goodwill
 Delia's Morgan jeans $4.99
these look faded so I think I'm going to dye them a deeper burgundy
 Forever 21 top $3.29
I thought this was a dress and then I tried it on. It barely covered my bum and I'm only 5ft tall! Oh well, it will look cute over leggins!
 The Limited top  $3.29
brand new with tags! blouse $3.29

 Any Favorites?
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  1. Wow you got so lucky with everything! Lots of pretty dresses and those Ralph Lauren loafers are fabulous :) Lucky you!

  2. A BCBG dress that cheap?? SCORE!!

  3. That 2nd forever 21 dress is amazing...are you really going to sell it? MUST have!


  4. Love the vintage red dress and those Aldo heels!

  5. WOW!!! You did really great this month. I really like everything!!! The CK dress is really nice unfortunately I'm a 10/12 : /

  6. love the Aldo heels and the vintage dress with the red flowers great job1

  7. O M double G - you did great, love all of these!!!!

  8. Wow, what great prices! I especially love the vintage gunne sax dress. ;-)

  9. These all look like great finds!

  10. Wow! The BCBG dress is beautiful!!

  11. I am so jealous! One of our Goodwills seems to have nothing but old K-mart and Wal-Mart brands for probably more than what they cost new!

  12. Holy thrifting. Every last one of these pieces is gorgeous! I would love to go thrifting with you. We could do some serious damage!!

  13. Those loafers! What a score.

  14. These are all so great - but I love that polka dot cowl neck so much.

    I like your "finds" posts!

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