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Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodwill FInds of the Week: The Cheap Gets Cheaper

So this week at Goodwill they had a Buy One Get one Free sale on Woman's tops and blazers- Gotta love that!
 Ann Taylor 3/4 sleeve blazer $3.99
this color is so trendy right now!
 Forever 21 silk jacket FREE!
I love the cut of this jacket
 Forever 21 Monet print sundress $4.99
I love this print! I so wish this dress fit me! Bad for me- but good for you! It's going up on Ebay soon!
 Forever 21 gingham dress $4.99
Is this not the cutest dress ever! I love it!
 Forever 21 dress $4.99
 This adorable dress is also a little big for me so it will be sold on Ebay too!

 top $3.99
love how unique this top is and the colors are great!
 Forever 21 sweater FREE!
Ok, so I know I already have 2 other sweaters like this one but I thought I could sell it or maybe even dye it a fun bright color!
 Target athletic top $4.99
This neon orange is so amazing! I'm going to wear it for fashion- it's too cute to work out in!
scarf $1.99
I have a lot of scarves but this is my first one commemorating the National Rodeo circuit! Since I love all things western this one is perfect for me!

Lots of Forever 21 items today! I love that their stuff is not that expensive but that I got it for so much less!

Any favorites?

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  1. love the gingham dress! great finds!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Gingham dress wins! Love it!!! Great purchases -- can't wait to see how you style them.

  3. wow...such great deals, the red blazer is gorgeous, can't believe the prices.


  4. Love the jackets, and the dresses are so pretty !