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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cute Outfit of the Day: Pink and Polka Dots

cardigan: Express via Goodwill $3.99
tank: Goodwill $3.99
jeans: Banana Republic via Goodwill $5.99
belt: Goodwill $1.99
bracelet: Target via Goodwill $2.99
watch: Target via Goodwill $6.99
shoes: Goodwill $3.99
Total Cost: $29.93

I was so excited to find this bracelet and watch at Goodwill! They are still currently selling at Target and they are in perfect condition! I actually thought about buying this watch one day when I was at Target but I didn't want to pay $16.99 for it! How cool is that?!

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  1. Wow! You find the best stuff!! The accessories make this outfit!

  2. Lindsey, I like that pink and navy together girl. LOVE polka dots. They're so sweet! You look awesome :D

  3. You look great! I've been noticing all the Target merchandise at goodwill as well. Sometimes the stuff still has the price tag & with the ClubGoodwill discounts... I feel like I am stealing it for what I pay. Every time I see stuff in the windows in downtown Chicago I want, I just drive out the Goodwill or Salvation Army in the suburbs and find almost the exact same thing.

  4. Nice blog dear!:)

  5. i totally love this look on you!
    pink is so your color love.
    i'm loving the polka dots too!

    xo kaitlin

  6. So impressed with your thrifting skills! This outfit is so cute and looks like it should have cost much, much more. Lov it!

    Hello, Framboise!

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