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Monday, January 23, 2012

Thrifty News Segment: Dressing Thinner for Less

Every 4th Monday I have the great privilege of doing a Thrifty Fashion Show on Fox 28's Good day Columbus morning news show. I bring 3 models dressed head to toe in clothing from the thrift store. This month the theme of the segment was looks that make you look thinner! 

Here is a peek behind the scenes:

 My Mom (Connie)
blouse: Goodwill $4
skirt: Goodwill $4
shoes: Salvation Army in Florida $4
bracelet: Goodwill $5
belt: Goodwill $2
purse: Goodwill $3
Total Cost: $22

Why it's slimming:
-the v-neckline and statement necklace bring the eye up to the face
-the black shirt covers and conceals a larger middle 
-the belt cinches in and highlights a small waist
-an a-line skirt hides a larger bottom half
-pointed toe shoes create vertical length
-a medium sized bag is in proportion to the body
jacket: Goodwill $4
top: Goodwill $4
jeans: Goodwill $5
shoes: Goodwill $4
Total Cost: $17

 Why it's Slimming:
-vertical stripes create slim length
-wide leg pants balance out a bigger middle
-nude heels create on long vertical look
-a suit style jacket creates the illusion of a small waist

dress: Goodwill $5
belt: Goodwill $2
necklace: Forever 21 $8
shoes: Second Time Around Second Hand Store $4
Total Cost $19

 Why it's slimming:
-the dress skims over her curves instead of covering them up
-the dress fits perfectly but isn't too tight
-a dark color is slimming- charcoal gray is a great alternative to black
-pointed high heels create slim vertical height
-a thin belt makes a small waist
-the V in the necklace and the neckline create a liming line 

Suit: Ann Taylor via Goodwill $10
top: Express via Goodwill $3
shoes: Goodwill $4
necklace: Goodwill $2
Total Cost: $19

Why it's slimming:
-monochromatic dressing is slimming and creates height
-a great fitting suit is super slimming
-a one button jacket creates an illusion of a waist
-pants have a flat front- no pleats!
-no pockets on the pants
-wide leg pants balance a bigger middle

No matter what your size, everyone wants to look slimmer! So I hope these tips help you know what to look for when you're at the thrift store!
Hopefully I will have a link to the news segment soon so you can see it!

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