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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Goodwill Grand Opening

I just got home from the Goodwill Grand Opening and I am on a high! It was such a great time! I loved getting to meet so many people that love thrift shopping like I do and see so many people find such great stuff! I couldn't believe all the amazing finds I saw in people's shopping carts! 
It was also wonderful meeting Margie Pizutti the CEO of Goodwill and all of the wonderful folks at Goodwill that do so much for our community! I was really impressed while talking to the Goodwill employees. One said after several years of working there she loves it more than ever! Another corporate office employee said that sometimes she smiles so much at work her face hurts! When was the last time you could say that? What an amazing company and a fabulous new store! 
My husband played photographer today (I'm usually the photographer!) and he did an amazing job! Check out these great photos from the Grand Opening Event:

 Is that an IKEA coffee table I spy?!
 people signing up for the $25 Goodwill gift card giveaway

 people shopping my rounder of picks!

 got to meet these two fashionable ladies who are already Thrift and Shout fans!
 Pooh found a home!

 My outfit
 setting up for the ribbon cutting ceremony
 The is the wonderful Margie Puzutti President and CEO of Goodwill Columbus. She is such a warm and compassionate woman! Love her!
 they also had some community leaders speak because Goodwill is all about the community!

 Margie called me up and talked about my blog to everyone!
 It was such an honor!

 the ribbon cutting!
This handsome man won the first $25 Goodwill gift card  and chance to shop with me. I think he had his own sense of style- he didn't seem to need my help!
that's my awkward smile!
 my newest friend- love her hair!
 Full Carts = Happy Hearts
 such a great crowd even despite the snowy weather!
 Love this kid!
 This lady told me about her best thrift shopping word for ya...Versace!
 adorable future thrift shopper
 I got to meet Heather who puts together fashion shows with thrift store clothing! She brought me some pictures of the outfits she has put together! She's got a really great thing going! Keep at it Heather! You are doing a great job!
 Also got to meet another Thrift and Shout fan. This lady is a pro! She had some great picks!

  Another future thrift shopper, Sasha Brokaw
 We did three $25 Goodwill gift card giveaways. I got to pick the names!
 My second victim, Robbie, shared my love for animal prints
 The Goodwill team! These are all the people who work in the store.

My last victim, Sarah was a lot of fun to shop with! We found her some black blazers for her job at the Cloak and Dagger Dinner Theater. Sarah has a affinity for men's ties. I love that!

Well, if you can't tell, it was a great time! I was blown away by all of the Thrift and Shout fans who came out for the event and just for the kindness of all of the people I met today! I wish I could do this everyday! Thank you to all of my friends and family who came out to support me and thank you again to Amy, Lisa, and Larry and everyone at Goodwill for having me! If you didn't make it out today, be sure to check out the newest Goodwill on High St. at Hudson sometime soon!

P.S. If you are in any of the pictures and you don't want to be just send me an email at and I'll gladly take it down!

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  1. This was a great post, made me smile! You looked so pretty and happy! Goodwill is pretty much the bomb-diggity :) It's my fave store.

  2. Wow. Such a wonderful event! Had no idea Goodwill rocked out like that. I like the store even better now.

  3. dear, thank you for your lovely comment..
    It was a great event dear, those mugs and shoes are sooo adorable <3
    anyway, mind to follow each other?? :*


  4. where is the new goodwill location?

  5. Thanks for your comment :)! I like your shoes very much! Xo

  6. Great pictures for a great occasion! It's so cool that you were there for the opening! :)

  7. hi, lindsey, it's paula, the 'pro' from the pic. thanks for the compliment! it was nice to meet you saturday at the opening. i got some great scores and can't wait to go back to the new store. goodwill is my favorite of all the thrift chains and it makes me happy that my purchases are making a difference in someone's life.
    keep up the great work!

  8. What an awesome event! So glad you got to participate in grand opening!!! Oh, I would've loved to shop your picks :) great re-cap and photos!!! :) And your outfit is very pretty!!!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Good luck!

  9. thank you so much for your comment!
    I wish here in Portugal there were more stores like that... x

    my love list