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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cute Outfit of the Day: Mint Green Trend

You saw it here first:
One of the hottest colors for Spring 2012 is actually pretty cool! While many pastels were seen on the fashion runways, mint green seemed to steal the show. It may not be Spring yet but there are ways to incorporate the trends into your current rotation! Here is my winter take on the mint green trend:

cardigan: Banana Republic via Goodwill $3.49
pleather skirt: H&M $30
necklaces: Goodwill $1.99 ea
tights: H&M $5
tank: Ann Taylor via Goodwill $1.99
shoes: Colin Stuart $3.99
Total Cost: $46.46
 I found this mint green cardigan at Goodwill several years ago actually and have never worn it but when I saw it was the "it" color for Spring I knew now was the time! This is my winter mint look but I'm sure I'll do a Spring mint look in a few months!
Here are some more minty thrifty finds:

Revlon $4

Hot Topic Jeans $34.50
 Tibi $48
Mod Cloth $53
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  1. I love this color. So girlie and pretty. Can't wait to get my own mint green shirt.

  2. this is such a pretty color. but, i always feel like the pastels wash me out and make me look too child-like....any advice??

  3. I can't decide what I love more- the mint cardigan, pearls, tights, skirt, or shoes... :) This outfit is so pretty and PERFECT!!!
    Good luck!

    1. I agree! I really can't pinpoint any one thing that I love more than another!! I do have to say, however, ... I LOVE Colin Stuart shoes! Victoria's Secret sells them and I have several pair of boots and shoes! I wear a straight five and that's one brand that always guarantees perfect fit and perfect stye!

  4. Love this entire look, and the Mint Green is one of my absolute fave colors. I have this same H&M skirt.. think I will pair it with Mint Green.. you look great :)


  5. I love green! Can't wait to find my own mint green top or skirt! So pretty!

  6. I am slightly obsessed with this color right now! I have been searching for pieces that I can add to my closet. They only thing I have found so far is nail polish:)

    Super cute look and the polka dot tights amp the look up to fab!


  7. I like the last dress!

  8. mint green is a great color! it really goes with everything...

    - 3 drifters