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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: Double Denim... Again

Hey all! I'm in head to toe denim again! Surprise, surprise!
This time it's a mix of blue and white denims and of course I had to throw in a little bit of turquoise jewelry- my favorite! I love this color palette it's so Springy!

I've been wearing these platform sandals I found at Goodwill a lot lately! I think these are officially my go to shoe for Spring/ Summer 2011! They go with everything and best of all... They make me tall!!!

 top: Forever 21 $17.80
vest: Goodwill $2.99
jeans: Forever 21 $14.99
belt: Express via Goodwill $1.49
shoes: Target via Goodwill $3.99
silver/ turquoise necklace: gift from a friend $0
silver/ turquoise bracelet: Sarah Coventry- passed down to me from my mom $0

Total Cost: $41.26

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I'm Wearing This Spring: Bright Colored Pants

This Spring is all about color! I've been seeing bright colored pants everywhere and I am loving them!  The pants can be skinny, they can be loose, or even bell bottomed. They just have to be bright! I found these Melon colored pants the other day at Goodwill:

 Pants: Goodwill $3.49
Vintage Little Boy's Blazer: Goodwill $3.99
Kimono Sleeve Top: Goodwill $3.49
Blue Suede Pumps: $3.99

Total Price $14.96

More Inspiration:



pants in all the colors of the rainbow available now at Zara

Are you planning on wearing a bright colored pant this Spring?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodwill Finds of the Week: My Glorious Return to Thrifting

I was so excited to return to the thrift stores after Lent! I couldn't get ready to go fast enough. I was a little disappointed when I got there though because there were no welcome home banners or anything but, Oh well! 

I found so much great stuff that I think I may have actually made up for lost time! 

Well, I know you want to see, so here it is:

 I'm loving silky blouses right now so I was excited to find this one in one of my most flattering colors! $3.49

 This adorable H&M ruffled vest still has the tags on it- Score! $3.49

 I'm really digging this see thru mesh material right now- so great for layering! I love this light shade of army green too! $3.49

 I really love Mexican inspired clothing like this top. $3.49

 I just have a thing for ruffles! I love them! I thought this top was pretty unique. I'm thinking about pairing it with something white or maybe even dying it a fun color- we'll see! $3.49

 Much to my surprise I am really loving hot pink with my new red hair. I've been really inspired by the sexy red head Joan Holloway on Mad Men. She wears hot pink all the time! $3.49

 I love the retro feel of this Express blouse. Best of all, it still had the original tags on it! Can't wait to wear this with some skinny legged pants! $3.49

 I first noticed how nice the lace is on this camisole. It looked really expensive to me. Then I looked at the tag and discovered it's an old Christian Dior from Saks! $3.49

 I'm so excited about this Ralph Lauren color blocked dress because color blocking is such a huge trend right now! I just need to take it in a little to make it fit just right! $4.99

 I love the lace detail on this top and the length is just right for the crop top trend! $3.49

 You know I'm loving crochet right now. I'm thinking about taking out the cami underneath and wearing it over something else. I feel like this one needs just a little tweaking to make it look right. $3.49

 I love the retro print and the tie neck of this Forever 21 blouse. $3.49

 I'm so excited about this sweatery tank. The color is just gorgeous! $3.49

 Use your imagination with this one because it needs a good ironing. It's a romper from Urban Outfitters! The back is super cool but you'll have to wait to see that! $3.49

 This is a black jumpsuit also from Urban Outfitters! Sorry for the crappy photo as my mannequin doesn't like to wear pants! It actually looks really flattering on! $4.99

 Here is a close up on the detail at the waist of the jumpsuit. I love it!

 I love these old floral skirts from Express! I was excited to find this one because I already have one in a much different floral pattern and I love it! This is so perfect for Spring/Summer! $3.99

 From the front these look like a dressy black pump but from the side they look like casual espadrille wedges- I guess that means they will go with everything?! $3.99
 It was love at first site when I spotted these Colin Stuart heels! They are so gorgeous! I can't wait to wear these! $3.99

 These are the perfect go with everything summer sandal! I've actually been looking for a pair of gold flat sandals and I found them! $3.99

I couldn't choose between the black or the white so for $3.99 I decided to get them both! 

What do you think of all my new stuff? Do you have a favorite?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: A Colorful Mix

I love mixing prints and coming up with new fun color combos! That is what inspired this cute outfit of the day!

cardigan: Forever21 $14.80
black tank: Goodwill $1.99
black/yellow checkered pencil skirt: Goodwill $2.99
floral scarf: Vintage Vogue in Kansas $5
fuchsia belt: Goodwill $1.49
fuchsia hair bow: Forever21 2/$1.49
wedge shoes: Marshall's $25.99

Grand Total: $53.75

How do you feel about mixing prints? What cool color combos have you come up with lately?

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: Easter Dress

Hope you all had a great Easter! 

We had a great time visiting with family! 

Why is it that a day full of nothing but eating is so exhausting?! After having lunch with my in-laws and dinner with my parents, I was beat! 

Well, here is what I wore for Easter. It was a bit chilly and very wet! So I decided to wear boots to keep my feet warm and dry. I just bought this adorable rosebud print dress from Target so I was really excited to wear it!

dress: Target $19.99
denim shirt: Goodwill $3.49
leather belt: Goodwill $1.99
turquoise drop necklace: Forever 21 $1.50
boots: Volunteers of America $6.99

Total Cost: $33.96


Well, I gotta go now! The thrift stores are calling my name!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

My Thrift Store Shopping List

So as some of you know I gave up thrift shopping for Lent. Thrifting was becoming somewhat of an obsession for me so I wanted to prove to God and myself (and my husband) that it wasn't the most important thing in my life! Although it's definitely up there! Well, as you can imagine for someone who runs a blog about thrift shopping this has not been easy for me! I've even been having dreams about thrift shopping! Well, Easter is this Sunday so that means Lent is almost over. I have a whole list of things in my head that I want to look for when I return to the thrift store. These items are all inspired from some of my favorite blogs.

 Anything Crochet 
as seen on Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

 Silky Blouses
 as seen on  Keiko Lynn of Keiko Lynn

Trousers to cut into shorts
as seen on Bonnie Barton on Flashes of Style

Something Sheer
as seen on Liz at Late Afternoon

A printed maxi skirt
as seen on Natalie Suarez of Natalie off Duty

Piles watches and bracelets
   as seen on After DRK

Bright Basics
as seen on Helena at Brooklyn Blond

Something with shimmer
 as seen on Christine at My Style Pill

A Vintage Sundress
as seen on Karla of Karla's Closet

A Colorful Clutch
as seen on Chiara of Blond Salad

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!
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