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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: I Still Like It!

 cropped blazer: Express via Goodwill $3.99
shirt: Old Navy $7
skirt: Express via Goodwill $3.49
shoes: Goodwill $3.99
necklace: F21 $7.80
Total Cost: $26.27

 I got this top a few months ago at Old Navy for 75% off! I knew I liked it as soon as I picked it up but then I looked over and saw a 10 year old girl putting the same sweater into her shopping bag. My first inclination was to put it back immediately but then I decided I liked it too much and got it anyway! So me and lots of pre-teens girls everywhere are rocking this top! Ha Ha! Oh Well, I still like it!

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  1. Fantastic outfit! Love the sweater, jacket, and skirt comb.

    I teach sixth grade and whenever the girls in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade stop by to visit me and say they like my outfit I also have to stop and think about it. I have decided though that a great outfit or sweater is just that, great:) I have realized, with teaching this age group, that they just dress a lot more like little adults than I ever did growing up.



  2. Such a bright and fun sweater! It looks great with all black too. Like Julie said, the younger kids just dress more adult like these days.

  3. Super cute!! I love how inexpensive this was and you still look great! Your hair is gorgeous! I'm having a give-away on my blog today. Stop by and check it out!

  4. That top is perfect for everything! Great color block piece :)


  5. I like it too...great look on you. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo


    Just saw this blog post and it instantly made me think of yours. See, more than 10 year olds like that sweater. ;o)