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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Volunteers of America Finds of the Week: Making Friends at VOA

After a work meeting on Monday I stopped by the Henderson Rd. Volunteers of America. I was dressed nicely partly because of the meeting but partly because I just like to dress nice. While I was shopping around I had a woman stop me to ask for some fashion advice. She couldn't get a hold of her daughter who usually helps her and she said she thought I looked stylish so she took a chance. I am so glad she did! I love helping people thrift shop and I even got the chance to tell her about my blog! So, Hi Mary Beth! I hope you are enjoying your Volunteers of America finds!
 Short brown skirt in an adorable tulip shape. This will be a great base piece for a stunning outfit (more on that later...) only $1.99!
 Old Navy peasant top. Comfy but cute in a gorgeous color! $4.99
 TIP: Always put your most flattering coloring next to your face! That's why I picked up this pretty scarf! $3.99
This Ivy and Oak sheer lace top is very on trend for Fall 2011. $3
 These may not look that cute now but wait until this winter all you Northerners will be jealous!
 Aren't these just so adorable! I love the square cube heels and of course the bow! Bow toe heels are super trendy right now! $5.99
 Love these fold over booties- so hot!
These vintage black leather boots need a pair of new heel caps and a little spit and shine but otherwise they were a steal at only $.99!

All this great stuff and a new friend! I love Volunteers of America! 

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  1. These are some great finds. I love thrifting!! This post makes me want to thrift since I have been in such a long time. Love the lace top.


  2. Hey Lindsey!! Your thrift finds are amazing!! I don't have a blog, but I love thrifting too!! I found a gorgeous hounds-tooth pattern coat in Salvation Army yesterday for just $7.00- it looks very Salvatore Ferragamo 2011!!! Yay!! Love your blog and your style!!!

  3. The tulip skirt is absolutely lovely, I can't believe it was only $1.99 - what a bargain.


  4. Anonymous- That sounds amazing! Maybe you need to start a blog!


  5. I have to share my score on a Columbus thrifting site!!!--Hanna Andersson sweater for my daughter at VOA on Indianola today along w/ a pair never worn Born sling back clogs for 8.99. And a lily pulitzer kid's dress yesterday at Goodwill on High. 1.99.

  6. Love the vintage boots... the sleek heel and fold over style look very current, actually. Excellent find for 99 cents!

  7. Laura- That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love the lace top. I enjoy thrifting as well. I especially love half price day at goodwill or value village. One thing I am trying to cut down on is buying stuff just because its cheap! I post frequently about my finds on my blog, most recently a ralph lauren coat